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Since 1979, Mercy Corps has been helping people in the world's toughest places survive the crisis they confront and turn them into opportunities to thrive. They respond immediately to emergencies and stick around to build food security, resilience and new economic opportunities as communities rebuild. Currently on the ground in more than 40 countries, Mercy Corps empowers local communities to prioritize their needs and take the lead in creating sustainable change. Through grassroots advocacy, Mercy Corps is also fighting to improve US government foreign policy to make sure assistance can reach the most vulnerable people, most effectively.

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Petitioning Congress

Tell Congress: Reject extreme cuts to humanitarian aid

Right now, lifesaving assistance to tens of millions of people is on the line.  The President’s fiscal year 2018 budget request slashes humanitarian aid by almost 50% during a time of unprecedented global needs. In the coming months, it will be up to Congress to decide whether they will accept these indefensible cuts or stand up in support of U.S. assistance for the world’s vulnerable families. International aid makes up only about 1% of the federal budget — yet it provides lifesaving assistance to tens of millions of people in need. Now is not the time to make cuts to U.S. foreign aid. So much is at stake: This funding helps communities recover from devastating shocks like drought and flooding, and prevents the spread of disease and conflict. It can help some of the 65 million people who are displaced globally, and the millions more who are in need of emergency food assistance — including 20 million people at risk of starvation in South Sudan, Nigeria, Yemen, and Somalia. It is needed now more than ever. You can help. Please — demand that your Member of Congress makes a stand for foreign aid, and remind them that cuts to U.S. foreign aid will jeopardize years of smart, non-partisan commitments to building a safer and more stable world. Congress must continue to fund the overall aid budget at the previous year's funding levels, especially for humanitarian and development programs. Your signature can help protect funding that is a lifeline for so many families at the very end of all hope. Urge your member of Congress to make a stand for foreign aid today.

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Petitioning Paul Ryan

Tell Speaker Ryan: Urge President Trump to revoke ban on refugees

The United States has long been a leader in providing freedom, hope and safe refuge for vulnerable people and those fleeing violence and persecution around the world, no matter their race, religion or nationality. With more than 65 million people around the world forced to flee their homes, the need for U.S. leadership is greater now than ever before in our history. We must take action now to ensure that the United States remains a place of safe refuge for the world’s most vulnerable families. President Trump has signed an executive order ending the Syrian refugee program while suspending our broader refugee program for 120 days. And yet Speaker Paul Ryan said in June, “I do not think a Muslim ban is in our country's interest. I do not think it is reflective of our principles, not just as a party but as a country.” The U.S. accepted just 15,000 Syrian refugees in 2016. Among them are doctors and teachers, mothers and fathers, children and students — people just like us who are trying to start new lives after losing almost everything. They need our help now. Tell Speaker Ryan: Stand up for your principles and work with fellow members of Congress to urge President Trump to revoke this executive order and to uphold the United States’ legacy of welcoming refugees fleeing conflict and persecution.

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