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Medical Whistleblower Advocacy Network Association is a grassroots network to provide information and advocacy for those persons who have stepped forward to report medical fraud, patient abuse and neglect and human rights violations to state, federal and international authorities.

Medical Whistleblower Advocacy Network Association is a group of persons who support the advocacy of Medical Whistleblower in Lawrence, KS.  Many in the network are actually Medical Whistleblowers themselves.  Medical Whistleblowers are those who come forward and report medical fraud, abuse and neglect of patients and human rights violations.   Medical Whistleblowers are by definition defenders of human rights.  Medical Whistleblowers step forward and report these problems to federal, state and international authorities.  When they do take that courageous action they are often retaliated against and find themselves struggling to hold on to their jobs and even their careers.  Being a Medical Whistleblower is not easy and is a commitment to human rights values sometimes with considerable personal loss. 

The Medical Whistleblower Advocacy Network is a grassroots network of those who wish to support the efforts of Medical Whistleblower and provide political advocacy to end these human rights violations and to stop patient abuse and neglect and to feret out medical fraud and bring those involved to justice.


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