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    Petitioning Ms. Cindy Russo

    We Support the Staff of Baystate Franklin Medical Center

    As community members, we support Baystate Franklin Medical Center nurses and their just proposals for: Resources that they and all of the hospital’s excellent caregivers need to provide safe patient care, which includes adequate staffing in the ER, the nursing floors and in the psychiatric unit. A safe environment in the hospital for staff and patients. Fair and competitive wages, and decent health insurance and retirement benefits to attract and retain caregivers and to reward them for their service to the community. BFMC nurses' issues are our issues. We trust and support the expressed needs of the RNs and other health care workers as a bellwether of what the hospital requires to meet the needs of the community.

    Massachusetts Nurses Association
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    Petitioning Governor Charlie Baker, Board of Registration in Nursing

    Tell Gov. Baker Not to Endanger Patients With Unlicensed Medication Administration

    At a time when medical errors are already the THIRD leading cause of death in the United States, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts could make it legal for unlicensed people to administer medications to ANY patient in ANY setting, including intensive care units, hospitals and long-term care facilities. A proposal by Gov. Charlie Baker and his Board of Registration in Nursing (BORN) could endanger the safety of every patient in Massachusetts. The proposal – which went before BORN at a public hearing October 4 – could allow unlicensed people to administer medication, instead of highly trained and educated nurses. PLEASE SIGN our petition here and also submit pre-written but customizable testimony at Right now, only licensed nurses are allowed to administer medications to patients, including chemotherapy, heart medicine and other complex drugs, in every setting. This high standard has long ensured patient safety because nearly every medication on the market comes with dangerous side effects and risks for interactions. Even seemingly harmless over-the-counter drugs are monitored by nurses in health care facilities because of the interactions these medications may have with other ongoing patient treatment. Nurses, with years of training and practice, are not only skilled at safely administering these medications, but are also experts at accurately assessing patients after they are given medications and at providing appropriate follow-up care. Gov. Baker owns this issue. He has appointed six of the 14 current BORN members. The executive director of the board is also a Baker appointee and a former for-profit hospital executive with a history of implementing practices that nurses found objectionable and oftentimes unsafe. The governor came into office declaring he would overhaul state regulations. This proposal appears to line up with that directive. Only it could jeopardize the safety of every patient in Massachusetts. Please urge the governor to stop #BakersBadMedicine by signing this petition and sharing it with your friends, family and colleagues.

    Massachusetts Nurses Association
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