Marijuana Policy Project

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Continuing the recent trend, marijuana arrests set another all-time record in 2007, totaling 872,720. This amounts to one marijuana arrest every 36 seconds.

MPP, the largest marijuana policy reform organization in the U.S., works to remove criminal penalties for marijuana use, with an emphasis on protecting seriously ill medical marijuana patients from arrest and jail.  Founded in 1995, MPP has 25,000 members, 180,000 e-mail subscribers, 40 staffers, and an annual budget of about $6 million.

The Marijuana Policy Project does not condone the illegal use of marijuana. However, marijuana prohibition has failed. For instance, when asked in a 2003 survey, "Which is easiest for someone your age to buy: cigarettes, beer, or marijuana?" 34% of teens said marijuana was the easiest to buy, followed by beer with 18%. MPP promotes the taxation and regulation of marijuana for adults, which would reduce the availability of marijuana to minors. Unlike drug dealers, licensed vendors would ensure that minors are unable to purchase marijuana, or risk losing their license.

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