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THE AAT HAS KILLED ENOUGH PEOPLE, DEPORT CHILD BASHER! A man who bashed his baby and broke his ankle, because the baby was "annoying him" has been allowed to stay, thanks again to the AAT!!  Dear Mr Dutton Please save this little defenceless baby's life.  Depriving the boy of this particular Father sounds like it would be lifesaving!  Don't let another criminal murder an innocent person.  This baby's mother has left the father and David Brown has flagged that this man has a criminal history and it is indicative of his behaviour towards his child.  Don't let the bureaucrats win based on this man conjuring up a story!  We don't stand for child abuse in Australia!  Please save this baby and trust the judgement of your delegate David Brown.   I couldn't save my sister Korinne Aylward and her partner Greg Tucker from the DECISIONS OF THE AAT THAT GOT THEM KILLED!  But please let's save this baby! The AAT have killed enough people and destroyed too many families!    Herald Sun 11/7/18 Baby bash dad’s expulsion set aside GENEVIEVE ALISON AND DAVID HURLEYAN Indian national who admitted breaking his baby boy’s ankle can stay in Australia after a tribunal overturned the cancellation of his visa. Ajay Sharma was put on a 12-month non-custodial Community Corrections Order, without a conviction, in December 2016 after pleading guilty to four counts of recklessly causing injury. He told Victoria Police that he injured his son, whose cheek and back were also bruised, because the fourmonth-old “annoyed” him. The government concluded Sharma failed the character test and should be deported.   Please sign my petition and deport this Baby Basher!        

Maria Aylward Law and Order Community Safety
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