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    Family forced from home before Christmas - Help the Smart family secure a permanent home.

    Help the Smart family secure a safe and suitable permanent home. Leanne, John and their 6 children have been evicted from their privately rented property, just 2 weeks before Christmas. The Smart family’s Landlord had complained that their rent had not increased for  years, realising that there was no way in which they could justify any sort of increase, they instead decided on the much more damaging course of action, to evict a family of 8 two weeks before Christmas and sell the home before they had left. Now crammed into Temporary accommodation on the other side of the city, miles away from school, work and family support. The Smart family face a mammoth task of trying to rebuild their lives. The school run now comprises of 4 hour round trip across the city in rush hour traffic, the demands of looking after a lively family now rest squarely on Leanne’s shoulders, cut off from friends and family who often help, while husband John is at work with the city councils cleansing department. The family have been on the housing association waiting lists for over 4 years. An issue that first forced the family into the private rented sector. Now after being made homeless through no fault of their own, they are worried about what lies ahead. We ask that the city unites around the Smart family and helps to find them a secure, long term affordable home in which they can begin to rebuild a life for their young family. Living Rent Scotland’s Tenant Union is fighting this campaign to support the Smart family trapped in the terrible failings of our housing system, this is part of a campaign for a #winterbreak in Scotland. A #winterbreak would prevent the enforcement of any evictions during the winter months, more details can be found on the petition here:  

    Living Rent
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    Petitioning Scottish Government, Housing minister, Kevin Stewart MSP

    Stop winter evictions - Scotland needs a winter break.

    This year, let’s prevent any new deaths on the street. Let’s have a #WinterBreak for evictions in Scotland. Why is this important? Shelter Scotland estimate that 5,000 people sleep rough on Scotland's streets throughout the year (1). The main route to homelessness is the loss of a tenancy. In Glasgow alone, 39 people died between May 2016 and March 2017 (2). This risk is far higher in the winter. And this situation is completely avoidable. In France since December 1956, there has been a “winter break’’ to help protect residents from being thrown out into the cold from the 1st of November until the 31st of March. This covers all tenants, people in temporary accommodation, and people living in any temporary shelters from being evicted or such temporary structures from being destroyed (3). The “winter break” law helps reduce the risk of people having to sleep rough during the winter, and reduces winter deaths. Help us win this for people in Scotland too. We are calling on the Scottish Government to implement a similar law against evictions during the winter. We do not want anyone sleeping rough this winter and any more winter deaths in Scotland. We want a #WinterBreak for evictions in Scotland.

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