Council for A Livable World

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Council for a Livable World is a political action organization that advocates to reduce and eventually eliminate nuclear weapons and works to increase international and national security.

We oppose: the war in Iraq, excessive military spending on Cold-War threats and weapons, and nuclear weapons. We support: tough diplomacy over war, increased non prolifertion efforts and congressional candidates who will support progessive policies for our country.

The mission of the Council has remained simple and pragmatic. The Council provides Senators and Members of Congress with sophisticated technical and scientific information that helps them make intelligent decisions about weapons of mass destruction and other major national security issues.

Council for a Livable World will continue to advocate for deep reductions and the eventual elimination of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. As we broaden our mission in the 21st century, we will focus on ending the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and finding non-military solutions to international conflict.

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