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    Petitioning Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada

    Disallow Psychiatric Defenses to Murder Charges in Canada!

    Our Canadian criminal justice system is pitifully weak in punishing the most heinous acts committed in our society, and keeping the perpetrators behind bars.  Killers of innocents who use a psychiatric-based defense are being handed relatively light sentences, or declared not criminally responsible at all, not even for the most evidenced and public acts. Here are some articles as examples on this issue: 1. Woman accused in 2015 fatal PATH stabbing found not criminally responsible 2.  Freedom granted to man who beheaded Greyhound bus passenger 3. Eaton Centre shooter was suffering from PTSD, defence lawyers say It seems obvious to me that most killers of innocents are not in an ideal mental state at the time they committed the killings, or they would not have done it.  Furthermore, we can choose our mental state (such as with 'positive thinking'), and therefore everyone should be held accountable for the mental state they choose.  Only if their mental state was deliberately altered by someone else to kill, such as by involuntary drugs or hypnotism, should that be any defense. Otherwise our mental state is our own choice and our own responsibility. Killers of innocents don't need 'help' because of their mental state.  They need to be punished for choosing it, and the public needs to be protected from them because of it.  It shouldn't reduce someone's punishment for an act, or allow them to avoid punishment entirely, because they can show that they are insane; if anything it should increase the protections society needs from them. If no excuses are accepted against speeding tickets or income tax penalties, then no excuses should be accepted for killing innocent people. Please sign your agreement on this statement: "We who sign this petition demand the Canadian Government to reform the Canadian criminal justice system to disallow defenses to murder charges which are based on the mental state of the defendant at the time of the act (unless they were drugged or hypnotized against their will).  We must all be responsible for the mental state we choose, and what drugs we choose to take, and for our actions in general.  Deliberate killers of innocent people must always be held criminally responsible in Canada!"

    Life Party of Canada
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    Petitioning All Canadian Federal Political Parties

    The Canadian Pro-Life Voting Commitment

    Petition Statement (to sign): "We Canadians who sign this petition promise to never vote for any federal political party or candidate who either promotes elective abortion, or who will allow it to continue legally in Canada." Petition Explanation: Elective abortion is the greatest horror ever seen by humanity: not only is it homicide, and not only is it homicide of innocents, but it's homicide of innocents by their own mothers, and supported by society. It is immoral, unnatural, cruel, and intolerable; it should be illegal if anything should, and as a society we urgently need to correct ourselves on this issue. Abortion is by far the greatest killer of children in Canada today.  Comparing statistics from the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI), and Statistics Canada, induced abortion in Canada killed over 94,000 Canadian children in 2017 alone, which was more than 55 times all deaths of infants under 1 year old that same year. They are indeed ‘children’, not just 'fetuses', and we should never have allowed anyone to tell us different. The dictionary definition of the word ‘child’, if we look it up in a dictionary, does include the pre-born (or 'unborn'). Yet many of those who kill these CHILDREN have been pretending that they are not children, by using excessively vague terms to dehumanize them, such as ‘fetus’ (a broad scientific term which applies to any developing vertebrate organism, whether human or snake, for example).  Putting pre-born humans in the same mental category as animals, by referring to children with a word so broad that it refers to both humans and animals, is a mental trick which leads us away from recognizing them as human, and therefore away from protecting them as humans.  You can't demand human rights for someone once you agree to refer to them with a non-human word.  That's the word trap in the abortion issue: a trap not to fall into. The biology of it is that human life begins at conception.  We should look to biologists, rather than lawyers, politicians, or philosophers, people who want an abortion, or abortionists, to figure out when life begins because we have a branch of science already dedicated for the study of life and we should respect that. Society needs to promote the idea that the key right to choose, in reproduction, occurs at the time of sexual intercourse, not at the time of pregnancy.  Sex is a natural process of reproduction, and should not be entered into without accepting pregnancy as a potential outcome.  Abortion is the opposite of dying for someone else's freedom: it is killing an innocent person to escape responsibility for your own choices.  Neither does abortion deliver the freedom it's promoted to deliver, because of the potential physical, emotional, and certain spiritual harm to the mother.  We can never escape the eternal responsibility for our deeds, and forgiveness is difficult to obtain from a dead child.  Spiritual healing is possible after abortion, for those who repent, but the physical healing might not be.  The life changes in having an abortion can easily be much worse than those feared in having a baby: not only for the child, but also for the mother. Once a distinct human life exists, as it does in the womb, society needs to intervene with some basic protections, just as we do with children in the home.  We don't say, for example, that because it's your house, you may kill anyone living there.  All forms of abortion were illegal in Canada up until 1969. Today Canada is the only democratic nation in the world with no legal restrictions on abortion-on-demand whatsoever.  Many other nations restrict abortion after the child becomes viable (after 22 weeks of gestation), presumably on the reasoning that, if the mother doesn't want a viable child, the child be removed and can survive independently, and need not be killed.  In Canada now, it is legal to kill a child up to the day of labour, so long as literally any part of the child is still inside the mother, which is exactly what is done in one type of abortion called a 'partial-birth abortion'. We must never allow innocent Canadians to be killed.  They have a potential for good and Canada needs them.  Canada has long been touted as needing immigrants, and if that's true, that's even more reason why we need our own Canada-born children.  Why destroy the population we already have (in the pre-born), just to be forced to import (if you'll pardon the expression) foreigners to make up for the shortage in our population?  That's like destroying your own tomato plants just so you have to keep buying tomatoes from the store.  Anything Canada needs, which Canada has, Canada should protect. Abortion is the biggest moral issue we will face in our lifetime, because it's the greatest massacre ever faced by our nation.  We may wonder how peoples of the past seemed to cooperate with the lethal persecution of innocent Christians in ancient Rome, the cruel extermination of Jews in Nazi Europe, the slave trade, and so many other atrocities which were accepted by that society at the time but in the light of history is to their eternal shame now, except for those who objected.  Elective abortion is currently being done with the consent and funding of virtually all Canadian voters, but I believe it's because most of us don't realize it.  I believe that pro-life (anti-abortion) voters just don't understand how to react when they aren't given a pro-life option in the election.  For example, in the 21 October, 2019, Canadian federal election, not one of the six most popular political parties promised to criminalize or in any way restrict any kind of induced abortion.  Facing such limited options, it seems that most pro-life Canadians voted for the political party which supported abortion with less enthusiasm than the others, as the best they thought they could do.  In the process, however, by voting for a political party which they knew supported abortion to continue, they gave their explicit consent for abortion to continue, and are really just as guilty of innocent Canadian blood as if they voted for an abortion-promoting political party. If we vote for a political party which keeps elective abortion legal or keeps the Government funding it, that's a vote in support of elective abortion.  It doesn't matter if it wasn't a formal 'election issue' or if the leader said that they personally have pro-life views.  What you vote for you give your consent to, and you bear the responsibility for.  Canadian consent has thereby been obtained for abortion even without explicitly asking us, and many of us have been fooled into giving that consent even if we're against abortion legality. However we've given the support for abortion, abortion-loving Government has had such support in this country that they actually gave the an abortionist the Order of Canada for his work in killing and promoting the legal freedom to kill pre-born children.  If we mentally insert the word 'Jews' or 'black people' in place of 'pre-born children' in my last sentence, we can see how wrong it is.  We have dehumanized pre-born children just as Jews and people of colour were once dehumanized, and, through that, our society has turned a blind eye to their mistreatment as though unimportant, sometimes even calling it a 'right'. Not on our watch.  The greatest lesson to be learned from history is to be able to recognize atrocities, however they are dressed up, as they happen and stop them at that time.  Bloodshed like this is worth taking our eyes off of our own problems for a moment to do something about.  Objecting to wrong is what it means to be 'on guard' for Canada as stated in our national anthem, or at least, if we won't defend tens of thousands of Canadian children being killed within our borders every year, we aren't 'on guard' for anything worthwhile, so we need not sing about it.  The least we can do to keep our own innocence of this killing, and to deter it, is to object to it, every time and in every form we are asked, at least when we vote, at least to refuse to vote for parties parties who allow the evil to continue.  Is abortion important enough of an issue to refuse to vote for abortion-permissive election candidates?  Yes: even if you don't care much about abortion, you should recognize that anyone who doesn't defend the lives of the innocent doesn't have the moral integrity to trust with ruling the country for you.  Since a person's morality is a component of their every decision, if we want our Government making fair decisions for us in anything, we need to make sure we only put highly moral people into public office.  In fact, putting immoral people to run a country can rapidly destroy it, and there are many historical examples of this (the most obvious one perhaps being Adolf Hitler, whom the German people supported for economic reasons, ignoring his immorality). The rise or fall of Canada begins with its moral rise or fall.  We should want Canada to be great because we happen to be living here, are depending on it, are part of it, and are responsible for it.  If we allow Canada to be immoral, we destroy it in the long-term. If we need a way out of the electoral trap of continually settling to vote for the least evil option because there is no good option offered, we should just refuse all the options.  The first freedom is of the mind; we must not allow our decisions to be controlled by a lack of contrast in the options we are provided with.  If we have the power to decide, then we have the power to create our own options, or at least to refuse them all.  Rather than vote for an abortion-permissive political party, therefore, if there is no pro-life option, we should not vote, or vote but deliberately spoil our ballot in protest (I know someone who writes the name of Jesus on theirs in this situation).  Mentally this may seem a useless thing to do, since it doesn't affect the election outcome at all, but you are not responsible for who wins the election.  You are only responsible for your vote, and any other attitude is an undemocratic controlling attitude.  When you make your vote moral, you have done something exceptional for your nation which you should be proud of.  What's more, the more we withhold our vote from evil, the more we create a potential tidal wave of votes waiting for supporting the right candidate.  The bigger that tidal wave gets, the more politicians will want to notice it. Canadian politicians can't form a government without the consent of Canadians.  That's why they ask for our vote.  We can democratically control our Government more by what we refuse to vote for than what we vote for.  The more we refuse to give our consent to child-killing, the more the federal political parties will have to stop it if they want to form a Government.  Let us therefore grow this list of like-minded Canadian voters to show just how many votes cannot be won until pre-born Canadian human life is protected from elective abortion. We cannot lose in this.  At the very least in this endeavor, even if we objectors are too few and elective abortion remains legal, by refusing to support it with our vote, we will have immediately won our own electoral innocence of this evil forever.

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