Let Live Coalition

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The Let Live Coalition is a group of animal protection organizations deeply disturbed by do-it-yourself animal slaughter classes. Proponents frame these slaughter classes as “honoring” animals by killing them, but regardless of how the animals are raised -- or the language and rituals accompanying the killing process -- the needless taking of innocent lives is cruel and inhumane. Furthermore, cultivating affection and emotional bonding with animals before killing them is not kindness... it is a betrayal. Framing backyard slaughter as ethical and kind reinforces the misconception that slaughtering animals for food is necessary and acceptable even when alternatives abound. It’s not enough to simply be better than a factory farm. Comparing against the worst case scenario is not a legitimate means for determining what is actually just or right. For our treatment of animals to be genuinely ethical, they should be free of human cruelty and allowed to live their full lives.

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