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Combining direct legal services, policy advocacy, and impact litigation strategies, Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights of the San Francisco Bay Area advances the rights of immigrants, refugees and communities of color, with a specific focus on low income communities and a long-standing commitment to African Americans. We provide leadership and expertise in identifying legal issues and cases that are critical to the advancement of minority and immigrant communities, and we marshal the resources of the private bar to help effect structural change.

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The Fair Chance Campaign: Reforming Housing and Employment Background Checks in San Francisco

Like Cheauvon, many people in San Francisco face barriers to employment and housing based on past arrests and convictions. Although they may have great qualifications, their applications are often screened out at the initial stages, leaving them with few job or housing options. Yet, research shows that access to jobs and housing is linked to successful community reintegration and reduced recidivism. Please sign this petition in support of the Fair Chance Campaign to reform the background check process for employment and city-subsidized affordable housing programs in San Francisco. The proposed legislation will allow applicants, like Cheauvon, with past arrests and conviction records a fair chance to demonstrate their qualifications as an employee or tenant, while also balancing the needs of employers and housing providers. There are ten states and over 50 local jurisdictions across the United States that have embraced this type of policy reform aimed at supporting economic self-sufficiency. It’s time for San Francisco to become a leader on this issue and take reform to the next level. Specifically, the legislation will: - Allow a background check inquiry only after an applicant is provided a conditional offer of employment or tenancy; - Allow consideration only of an applicant’s prior convictions (not arrests) falling within a defined “look -back” period; - Require a reason for any denial, along with an opportunity to offer evidence of rehabilitation; and - Allow a denial only when the conviction is directly related to the job or housing. Please sign this petition to help individuals like Cheauvon gain economic self-sufficiency so they can take care of their families, contribute to their communities, and realize their full potential. Your support will help make San Francisco’s families and communities stronger and safer. We anticipate that Supervisor Jane Kim will be introducing background check reform legislation this fall, and we’re calling on the people of San Francisco to stand up and show that this legislation is needed to help our communities thrive. Campaign Sponsors: National Employment Law Project, Legal Services for Prisoners with Children, All of Us or None, Community Housing Partnership, Coalition on Homelessness, Jobs for Justice, and the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights of the San Francisco Bay Area For more information, check out our Facebook page or contact us at (415) 563-3205x115/(415) 415-625-7049

Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights
516 supporters