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Petitioning Mayor Eric Garcetti, Cultural Heritage Commissioners, Councilman Gil Cedillo, Councilman Jose Huizar, Councilman Paul Koretz

Fill the Vacant Seat on the Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission

1. There are a number of key historic landmarking designations pending consideration by the Cultural Heritage Commission, among them the former Metropolitan Water District campus (William L. Pereira, 1963, located in CD1), Parker Center (Welton Becket & Associates and J. E. Stanton, 1955, located in CD14) and the Shepherd Residence adjacent to the Hannah Carter Japanese Garden (William J. Gage, 1938, located in CD5). 2. The Commission currently has a vacancy, leaving an even number of Commissioners, thus creating the likelihood of tie votes--as happened on September 15 with the Metropolitan Water District. A tie leaves these properties in limbo. 3. It would be important to fill the Commission vacancy as soon as possible, so that these decisions can be made. 4. Thus we urge and strongly request that the vacancy be filled quickly, so that affected communities, property owners and others concerned with the designation or clearance of properties can proceed in timely fashion. 5. We further strongly request that the Cultural Heritage Commissioners extend the period of consideration for determination of landmarking of the Metropolitan Water District, which expires on October 4, until such time as the vacancy on its board has been filled and the new Commissioner can cast the deciding, tie-breaking vote. Alternately, we request that a special meeting be called, assuming the position has been filled on or before October 4.

LAVA - The Los Angeles Visionaries Association
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Petitioning Port of Los Angeles Executive Director Gene Seroka

Save the Port of Los Angeles Archives

Dear Commissioners & Executive Director Seroka, We the undersigned call on the Los Angeles Harbor Commission and the Port of Los Angeles to immediately take action to ensure the long-term preservation of the historic documents in your care, which in early 2015 were moved from their climate-controlled archival storage building to open dockside warehouses, where they are rapidly deteriorating due to the presence of high humidity, insect infestation and feral cats. We also call on you to reinstate scholarly and public access to this priceless historic material, and to bring on qualified staff members to manage and care for the archives.

LAVA - The Los Angeles Visionaries Association
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Petitioning Mitchell Englander

Mayor Garcetti, LA City Council, Recreation and Parks: Don't Redesign Pershing Square: Restore Pershing Square!

For nearly 150 years, Pershing Square has been the public square in the center of Los Angeles, at the heart of the city's social, cultural and political life. But a series of insensitive redesigns, beginning in the 1950s, has resulted in a confused and ugly park that is a blot on the redeveloping Downtown. We the undersigned applaud the civic drive to fix Pershing Square. But Pershing Square doesn't need another redesign. It needs to be restored to the classic, beautiful design that was torn up in 1951 to build the parking lot and bomb shelter: with a central fountain, sculptures placed in their historic locations, diagonal paths, shade trees, benches and street-level views and pedestrian access. Don't Redesign Pershing Square: Restore Pershing Square!                             * For more info, please visit our blog.

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