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    Petitioning James F. Geiger, Carrie Wheeler

    Stop Liquid Web From Killing Black Trans Women

    Liquid Web is allowing the abuse of black trans women daily. They have been notified of the content that has incited threats of bodily harm and verbal abuse against trans women since 2012 and still the, verbally abusive slanderous, lies continue to be promoted via their customers uses her site to DOX black trans women who have transitioned or are in the process which has invited illegal documented violent threats and harassment against trans women in the black community. As of April 1st, 2018,  Seven trans women have been shot and killed. This site resides in the state of Georgia and is widely popular in surrounding states and areas, where the majority of black trans women have been murdered every year.  To ignore these truths is to not include black trans lives in the hashtag black lives matter or even all lives matter...   They have a term of service which prohibits Hate speech or speech that incites violence and harassment and have said on the phone they do not endorse the killings of black trans women but the trans community has spoken out and made the company very aware the site is dangerous hate speech that has and is affecting their daily safety  "Content that incites violence, threatens violence, is excessively violent or contains harassing content or hate speech" Source 5. TERMINATION FOR VIOLATION OF ACCEPTABLE USE5.1 Liquid Web has the right to investigate potential violations of paragraph 4. If Liquid Web determines that a breach has occurred, then Liquid Web may, in its sole discretion: a.  Restrict Customer’s and its users’ access to the Services; b.  Remove or require removal of any offending Content; c.  Terminate this Agreement for cause; d.  Exercise any other rights and remedies it may have, at law or in equity. Please sign and share this petition to put your voice to change. This site is not only hurting trans women but all people of color as it is used to justify the degradation and abuse of black people daily 

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    Petitioning Donald Trump, Department of Justice

    No Tolerance Act 2018 To Make Child Rape Mandatory Death Penalty

    Dear citizens of America the time is now to take a stand and end the laws that allow a child rapist to move back into society amongst our children where they inevitably offend again.  It's time to take the power back as we the people, the majority and of sound mind. The fallout of empowering pedophiles is unfolding right before our eyes.   Evil ends when we take a stand and refuse to sit down or compromise our futures, our children's futures and the fate of this country. We did not survive to allow the prayers and deaths of our civil rights leaders to be in vain.   Your signature isn't just a signature. It's a part of history.  Children's safety is no longer an option.   Title of Bill: No Tolerance Act 2018  A bill that makes raping, sodomizing, sex trafficking, prostitution, sexually assaulting or sexually molesting a child under the age of Twelve punishable by death and or life in prison in all 50 states in America and US Territories  BE IT ENACTED BY CONGRESS The House and State Representatives of the United States of America and Donald Trump H. R. 0001 A United States Code, to make punishable in the court of law, individuals who rape, sodomize, molest sex traffick, sexually assault or grope causing bodily harm to the victim in America and classified as a federal offense that includes mandatory life imprisonment or the death penalty  INTRODUCED MAY 23, 2018 The No Tolerance Act 2018 was created for the people by Sharika Soal  A BILL  A United States Code, to imprison and or sentence to death individuals who rape, sodomize, molest sex traffick, sexually assault or grope causing bodily harm to the victim Be it enacted by the Senate and House Representatives of the United States of America. SECTION 1. No Tolerance Act 2018 This Act may be cited as “No Tolerance Law”.1. This Act may be cited as the ‘No Tolerance Act” short title.2..In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires-Interpretation. "adult" means a person of or over the age of eighteen years; 3. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires-Interpretation, "child" means a person under the age of Twelve years old.4. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires interpretation “bodily harm” means malicious, significant forensic evidence and or have resulted in death founded by either investigation or by an admission of the adult, An adult commits an offence if- a.intentionally engages in sexual intercourse, molests, attempts to traffic, sodomizes or gropes the child; travels with the intention of meeting the child or selling a child for sex in any part of the world; the child is under the age of Twelve years old at the time of the meeting or travel.  A person (hereinafter) will be called "adult' commits the offense if the offense of grievous sexual assault upon another and resulted in serious bodily harm or results in the death of the "victim" where in the circumstances specified in subsection 3, the offender- (a) penetrates the vagina or anus of the victim with a body part other than the penis of the offender; or an object manipulated by the offender; causes another person to penetrates the vagina or anus of the victim or any part of said person; (b) an object manipulated by that other person; (c) places his penis into the mouth of the victim; (d) causes another person to place his penis into the mouth of the victim; places his or her mouth onto the vagina, vulva penis or anus of the victim; or causes another person to place his or her mouth onto the vagina, vulva, penis or anus of the victim.  5) Subsection(a) and (b) do not apply to the course of a search authorized by law or for medical purposes.  (6) The circumstances referred to in subsection (1) any of the acts specified in paragraphs (a) to of that subsection is) carried out without the consent of the victim, and knowing that the victim does not consent to the act or recklessly not caring whether the victim consents or not; (7) An adult commits an offense if he or she causes another person to carry out the offense specified in subsection (3)  (8) In subsection the reference to the adult having met or communicated with- the child is a reference to the adult having met the child in any part of the world or having communicated with the child by any means from, or in any part of the world.  (9) A person who .commits an offence under this section is liable on conviction in a Circuit Court, to imprisonment for a term of life imprisonment or put to death.  (10) Subject to subsection (3), a person who has sexual intercourse with another person who is under the age of Twelve (11) Any person who attempts to have sexual intercourse with any person under the age of Twelve years commits an offense. (a) engaging in any act with any man or woman that constitutes a grievous sexual assault upon the child. It is a defense for a person of eighteen years of age who is charged for the first time with an offense (1) or (2), to show that he or she had reasonable cause to believe that the other person was of or over the age of sixteen years and was given consent. (4) Where the person charged with an offense under subsection 3(1) is an adult in authority, then, he or she is liable upon conviction in a Circuit Court to imprisonment for life, or such other term as the Court considers appropriate, nothing less than 1 year, and the Court may, where the person so convicted has authority or guardianship over the child concerned. exercise its like powers as under section  (5) Where a person has been sentenced pursuant to subsection (3), then, in substitution for the provisions of section 6(1) to (4) of the Parole Act, eligibility for parole shall be determined in the following manner: the Court shall find a period of not less than twenty-five years during which that person shall serve, before becoming eligible for parole.  (6) In this section, "adult in authority" means an adult who-- (a) is in a position of trust or authority in relation to a child;  (11) is a pawn with whom a child is in a relationship of dependency; or (c) stands in as temporary guardians for the parents of a child.   For questions, comments and concerns email

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