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Lady Freethinker is a nonprofit media organization with the mission of achieving social justice – for every species. Lady Freethinker holds the core belief that with education and grassroots action we can achieve a free and compassionate world for humans and all other animals. Our dedicated team of writers bring you breaking news about animal rights, human rights and the environment, as well as simple actions you can take to effect meaningful change.

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Petitioning Snapchat , Snap, Inc.

Stop Horrifying Snapchat Posts of Children Torturing Animals

In a horrifying trend on social media app Snapchat, young people are recording themselves committing sickening acts of animal cruelty and posting them online. In fact, reports to the RSPCA of animal cruelty on Snapchat have spiked by 340% as children, teens and young adults film themselves performing shocking animal abuse. In one post, a squirrel was set on fire. In another, a sheep was beaten to death with a golf club. Other disturbing Snapchat photos and videos depict youth cutting a goldfish's eye out with scissors, slitting a baby fox's throat, beating a puppy, choking a cat and breaking into an animal sanctuary to pull a goat by the head into an electric fence. With hundreds of millions of users, Snapchat has grown into a massively popular app for young people. But what are they learning when they see their peers brutally torturing animals and laughing about it? The RSPCA alone gets 3 reports a week of animal cruelty on Snapchat -- and that's just the UK. The actual number of cruel Snapchat posts around the world is unknown, and likely exorbitant. Because Snapchat posts are removed just seconds after viewing, animal abusers feel empowered to commit crimes on tape knowing the online evidence will essentially be destroyed. As a company that influences youth across the globe, Snapchat has a responsibility to stop promoting animal cruelty on its platform. Sign this petition to demand that Snapchat take immediate action to rid their app of heinous animal abuse.

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Petitioning Phoenix Police Department

Justice for Puppy in Coma with Skull Bashed In

When BB Bear was brought in to animal control in Phoenix, Arizona, the tiny husky puppy had been beaten so badly he was unconscious and in a comatose state. He was bleeding from the head, suffering from a fractured skull. "This was caused by blunt force trauma to the skull," said Dr. Hugh Giffords of the Phoenix Dog Cat Bird Hospital. "Could have been baseball bat, tire iron, could have been a kick." But it was not an accident. BB Bear remains in a medically induced coma; he will probably be blind for the rest of his life, and have no sense of smell. "If this guy recovers to the point where he can be adopted he will require VERY specialized care," said Maricopa County Animal Care and Control. Whoever brought BB Bear in provided false information, and there are currently no suspects in this horrific case of abuse. This violent criminal is still walking the streets, and is a danger to both animals and humans. Such brutality against an innocent puppy must not be tolerated. Sign the petition to urge the Phoenix Police Department to make every effort to find and prosecute BB Bear's attacker and ensure they are never allowed to have an animal again.

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Petitioning Chief Minister of Nagaland, Indian Ambassador to the United States

End the Horrific Dog and Cat Meat Trade of Nagaland

Shocking new images have emerged of the cruel dog meat trade in Nagaland, India, where terrified stray dogs and stolen family pets are tied up, stuffed into sacks so they cannot move and transported -- sometimes tied to the roof of a car -- to restaurants where brutal slaughter awaits. The appalling new photos were taken by photographer and dog lover Surabhi Jaiswar, who documented the cruelty in the hope that "animal activists take action." And now, it is up to us to speak out against the horror and work to save more dogs from torture and death. Dog and cat meat are outlawed in India; however, the slaughter notoriously continues in this region. In 2016, Humane Society International investigated the "Nagaland nightmare" and found the same extreme brutality. Some smugglers even stitched the dogs' mouths shut to muffle the animals during illegal transport. The abuse must not go on. Sign now to urge the Chief Minister of Nagaland to enforce the dog and cat meat ban at once and file criminal charges against anyone caught engaging in this horrific trade.

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Petitioning Biosecurity Queensland

Justice for Puppies and Kittens Stuffed into Pillowcase and Drowned to Death

In a horrifying act of cruelty, someone stuffed three puppies and three kittens into a pillowcase and drowned the tiny animals in water. The perpetrator then discarded the animals like trash at a Queensland, Australia rest stop. All three kittens and one puppy died from the cruel incident, but two puppies amazingly survived. They still had their umbilical cords attached, leading rescuers to believe that they were born the same day the drowning occurred. A kind woman stumbled on the pillowcase, and took care of the surviving puppies until she was able to bring them to Off the Chain K9 Rescue. The rescue organization took the puppies in, and staff nicknamed them “The Lucky Two.” These puppies are thankfully safe, but it is too late for the others so mercilessly killed. Rescuers are concerned that other animals may be in danger, too. On their Facebook page, they wrote: "We are extremely upset and worried about their mother. We also believe them to be kelpie x and it's very unlikely that only three were in the litter so we are desperate for information that may lead us to others.” The person responsible must be found and prosecuted before they hurt or kill even more innocent animals. Sign this petition to urge Biosecurity Queensland officers to put every effort into finding and charging whoever killed these tiny newborns, and bar them from ever owning animals again.

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Petitioning Zimbabwe Ambassador to the United States, Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (Zimparks)

Stop Cruel Capture of Zimbabwe's Baby Elephants to Sell to Chinese Zoos

In a shocking and disturbing new video, the Guardian has released footage of a baby elephant in the wild, terrifyingly separated from their family by helicopters and shot with a tranquilizer rifle to be kidnapped. A pilot then "dive-bombs the immediate vicinity so the rest of the herd, attempting to come to the aid of the fallen animal, are kept at bay." The captors swoop in to wrap up the motionless baby, drag them to a trailer and tie them up with ropes for shipment. The baby will most likely be sold off to a zoo in China, to live a miserable existence in captivity to entertain humans. This sickening capture is actually performed by Zimbabwe wildlife officials, who claim what they are doing is fully legal.  But the kidnapping of baby elephants from their families is not acceptable -- and the government must end this brutal practice. According to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), trading live elephants is only legal if the animals are going to an “appropriate and acceptable” destination, and the sale benefits conservation.  But conditions at Chinese zoos are notoriously inhumane; workers have been documented whipping animals and even feeding a live donkey to tigers. And the serious neglect and abuse of baby elephants shipped from Zimbabwe to Chinese holding pens has already been documented. Therefore, Chinese zoos are not "appropriate" or "acceptable" destinations -- and it is not legal to sell elephants to them. Sign this petition urging the Zimbabwe government to stop the practice of capturing baby elephants for profit at once. No more elephants deserve to suffer.

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Petitioning Fairfield Police Chief

Justice for Dog Hung by Chain and Beaten with Baseball Bat

In a shocking case of animal cruelty, a dog in Fairfield, California was ruthlessly hung from a chain and beaten to death with a baseball bat. The poor animal -- a tan pit bull -- was found hanging from the fence in an alley, unable to touch the ground with his front paws. His head was bleeding, and he suffered from a fractured skull, among other injuries. The dog was rushed to the emergency clinic, but sadly did not survive. A witness reported that three men were involved in the incident. All three are still at large. This brutal violence against a helpless animal must not be tolerated. Sign the petition urging the Fairfield police to do everything in their power to find and prosecute those responsible for the torture and killing of this dog -- and ensure that all three are never permitted to own an animal for the rest of their lives.

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Petitioning Aurangabad Municipal Corporation, Indian Ambassador the the U.S.

Shut Down Cruel Restaurants Caught Selling Dog Meat in India

In a gruesome case in Aurangabad, India, a slew of severed dog heads and mutilated dog carcasses have been discovered in the city, according to a report in the Times of India. Local restaurants are suspected of slaughtering stray dogs and selling their flesh in biryani (a rice dish) as a source of cheap meat. It is illegal to consume dog meat in India, and kidnapping dogs from the street and brutally killing them must not be tolerated. Not only is this practice unspeakably cruel, but it puts public health at risk. If the city government fails to act, more dogs will be victimized, and humans may get sick. The Animal Welfare Board has recommended that city officials monitor stray dogs, and implement birth control measures so the streets are not full of strays to be grabbed and butchered. Sign the petition urging officials in Aurangabad to heed these recommendations, perform a thorough investigation and shut down all restaurants found to be serving dog meat at once.

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Petitioning UK Parliament, Theresa May MP

Stop Cruel Dumping of Unwanted Horses to Rot Like Trash

Late last month, a tiny foal was found tossed on the roadside like trash at an illegal dumping site in the UK. "Sadly, the foal was just dumped on a lane and covered with a piece of cloth,” said RSPCA inspector Charlotte Melvin. “It’s horrible to think what a horrid short and likely painful life it had.” This is just one in a string of heartbreaking incidents -- including a poor foal found with a broken neck and in immense pain, thrown away to rot beside an old toilet and other junk in a trash heap. In another tragic case, a dying, pregnant mare was found dumped next to a busy road. She appeared to be in the process of giving birth when she was left there. Horses are being wildly overbred in the UK, and more and more people are throwing away dying or neglected horses like garbage. The RSPCA says they witnessed a 55% rise in illegal dumping last year alone. “For several years now we, as a charity, have been picking up the pieces of the equine crisis, with our inspectors being called out to sick, injured, neglected or cruelly treated horses every single day. And despite our best efforts the crisis is not getting any better,” said Cathy Hyde, the RSPCA chief inspector for Greater Manchester. The UK government has a responsibility to address this problem -- and if they fail to act, innocent horses and ponies will continue to be dumped and left to die excruciating deaths. Sign this petition to urge the UK Parliament to end the horse dumping crisis and stop the suffering at once. 

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Petitioning Buchanan Police Chief Bill Marx

Justice for Dog Tied Up, Locked in Carrier and Abandoned in Woods to Die

Meadow the dog was found starving and abandoned in the woods in Buchanan, Michigan. Her leash was tied around her legs and she was locked in a cramped carrier with no hope of escape.  "I actually heard the dog whimpering and then I heard crying, so I texted one of the coworkers and said I think there's something in the woods crying and I'm pretty sure it's a dog," said Danielle Hradel, who found Meadow. Meadow was in such bad shape, she couldn't even sit up on her own. With veterinary care, her condition is improving, but her legs are still not fully functional, according to a Facebook update. Buchanan City Police and Berrien County Animal Control are investigating this case, but no arrests have been made yet. Sign the petition urging the Buchanan police chief to put every effort into finding and prosecuting Meadow's abuser -- and to ensure that this sick individual is never allowed to have an animal again. 

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Petitioning Allegheny County District Attorney

Justice for Cats Ruthlessly Poisoned to Death for Defecating on Sidewalk

“I killed six or eight of your cats and I’ll kill the rest of them,” cat predator Daniel T. Smith reportedly told two kind women who feed homeless cats in Pittsburgh, PA. Smith poisoned the cats with mothballs, just for defecating on the sidewalk. He was caught throwing two dead cats in the trash; another cat was seen vomiting, and later had to be euthanized. The cats were part of a colony designated by Animal Friends. All were spayed, neutered and vaccinated, and enjoyed being petted by humans. Because of this man's cruelty, only three cats remain out of the colony of 11. Smith told police that these cats had no rights because nobody owned them. Smith faces animal cruelty charges, and will be sentenced Dec. 7, 2017. Sign the petition to urge the Allegheny County District Attorney to prosecute Smith to the fullest extent of the law, and bar this man from ever owning an animal for the rest of his life.   

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