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    Petitioning Sir Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner

    Inquiry into leaked Labour report must not be a right-wing stitch up

    Dear Keir Starmer, Angela Rayner and National Executive Committee Officers, As Labour members and supporters, we urge you to remove Baroness Wilcox from the panel. You promised an independent and impartial inquiry. Based on Baroness Wilcox’s overtly factional social media activity, we have no confidence that this inquiry will be either independent or impartial if she is on the panel. Baroness Wilcox‘s social media includes retweeting or liking attacks on Jeremy Corbyn and his leadership, support for Iain McNicol, and promotion of right wing factions Labour First and Progress and endorsements of their candidates in NEC elections. Iain McNicol and right-wing faction Labour First are at the centre of the injustices exposed by the leaked report. This conflict of interest was not declared to the NEC and the NEC was not provided with the names of panel members in advance so that they could make an informed decision. The NEC’s vote to approve Wilcox is therefore invalid, as NEC members were not aware of this evidence when they voted. The leaked report exposes the sabotage and misuse of funds by the Labour Right during the 2017 General Election; the racism, sexism and toxic culture within their circles; and the Labour right’s failure to deal with complaints of antisemitism, Islamophobia and other forms of discrimination. This evidence cannot be objectively assessed by someone who appears to support that very same faction. A fair and impartial inquiry into the leaked report is essential to ending factionalism and enabling our party to unite and fight for a labour government. The inquiry will have no credibility with Baroness Wilcox’s on the panel, which will serve to deepen the rifts within our Party even further. We urge you to remove Baroness Wilcox from the panel in light of the evidence which has emerged after the NEC meeting, which NEC members were not able to consider, Signed,

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    Petitioning Angela Rayner

    Angela Rayner: Hold an inquiry into sabotage by senior Labour officials

    Angela Rayner, As Deputy Leader and Chair of the party, we call on you to oversee an inquiry into former senior officials sabotaging Labour’s election campaign in 2017 and engaging in disgusting and abusive behaviour towards members. We are shocked and horrified by revelations in a leaked internal report showing a culture of contempt for members, abuse, inaction on racism, bureaucratic fixing and extreme unprofessionalism at the top level of Labour HQ under then-General Secretary Iain McNicol. Private chat messages even show one senior official admitting that taking away the Tories' majority in 2017 was “opposite to what I had been working towards for the last couple of years!!” You were elected Deputy Leader on a manifesto to organise and empower the membership and make Labour a more effective campaigning force. We, as members, have had our morale shattered upon finding that all the blood, sweat and tears we put into the 2017 election was undermined by a group of senior officials. For our trust to be restored this scandal must be officially acknowledged by the party and action must be taken against the individuals involved. We call on you to request the Labour whip is removed from Lord McNicol while your inquiry is undertaken, and that others shamed by the report – including Patrick Heneghan, Emilie Oldknow, Sarah Mulholland, Mike Creighton and John Stoliday – are also suspended while you investigate. We, the members, give our time and energy to campaign for Labour and pay the subs that keep the party running. We cannot be ignored. This cannot be brushed under the carpet. We need an inquiry, and it is within your remit as Chair to oversee it and take accountability for it.

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    Petitioning Jeremy Corbyn

    Campaign to keep Jeremy Corbyn as leader.

    It has been generally agreed that there are two primary reasons why we lost this General Election - Jeremy Corbyn's lack of popularity with voters and our Brexit policy. 1. Our Brexit policy was perceived to be undemocratic by those who voted to leave the EU in 2016, as well as many who voted Remain. It cast us as the party of the metropolitan elite who would not listen to and looked down upon people who voted leave. Hence why almost all the seats Labour lost voted Leave in 2016. 2. In regards to Corbyn's popularity, he is unpopular because the establishment have spent four years smearing him. They smear him because they fear him. Never in political history has a Labour leader been faced with such a campaign of hate from the establishment. Eminent polling expert John Curtice, also stated that one of the reasons Jeremy Corbyn was unpopular was because of our flawed Brexit position. We might not understand why Jeremy Corbyn would want to stay on given the forces being pitted against him, but we should not judge Jeremy Corbyn by our own levels of resilience. This man has been pushing back against the establishment tide his whole life. There will be no quiet life of retirement for Jeremy Corbyn after the leadership. He will either carry on fighting the establishment in small halls and at rallies up and down the country, or he will do it from a larger platform in the Labour Party. Yes the man has been bullied, but he's fought against bullies his whole life. We should fight against them too. If Jeremy Corbyn stands down now they will know project smear works. They know it will eventually drive the membership to crave a new leader who will get an easier ride from the establishment.. Someone like Blair for instance. The only way to ensure a future leader gets an easy ride from the establishment is to vote for a leader who gives the establishment an easy ride. In four years Jeremy Corbyn has changed the narrative on austerity. He was also leader when Labour gained the biggest swing in vote share since 1945. Before we went wrong on Brexit. In all likelihood, given the Tories large majority, there will not be another General Election until 2024. Any leader we choose who is worth having and threatens the establishment in the way Jeremy Corbyn did, will face four years of smearing as Jeremy Corbyn has done and will end up equally toxic with many voters. The less time between a new leader being chosen and a General Election, the better.  In regards to our Brexit policy, Jeremy Corbyn repeatedly warned us against supporting a referendum. He was on the right side of History yet again. Several MPs who have already thrown their hats into the ring, have failed to acknowledge the role their own push for Remain has played in the defeat. To deny this fact means they either lack judgement or integrity. In a few more years we might have more and better choices for leader than we are currently being offered. It would be a bitter irony to replace the leader who called it right with one who got it catastrophically wrong. So let's stand up to the bullying establishment and refuse to play their games. If Jeremy Corbyn wants to stay on as leader, we would support him 100%.  

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    Petitioning Jeremy Corbyn MP

    Labour members who say no to a 2nd EU Referendum, especially under all circumstances!

    As Labour members opposed to a 2nd referendum, we have tried to respect the decision made at Labour conference to keep an EU referendum as a potential option, to be considered as a very last resort. However, it is now being sold as an option under all circumstances by MPs such as Tom Watson and Jess Phillips. This is not how we interpret Labour policy and are very concerned about this development, particularly as we the members are regularly cited as being in support of this stance. We agree with Barry Gardiner that we are not a Remain Party. A 2nd EU Referendum will not break the deadlock or bring resolution, particularly if it is seen to be rigged, with only 2 options: a much maligned deal or Remain. If a WTO option is kept off the ballot, as so many Labour MPs insist it should be, so should Remain. Without these 2 options, we can have a calm debate and a referendum on what type of Brexit we want, from the softest possible, to May's deal. That is just one suggestion to resolve the issue, but many others exist. A Referendum on May's deal versus Remain will cost the Labour Party dear in lost trust, and tear ordinary struggling people apart yet again. It is our role as a party to focus on unifying them.  We want the Labour Party to hold an emergency conference, or at least ballot all members electronically on their current views regarding our Brexit policy and how it should be implemented.

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    Petitioning The Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn MP

    Labour must not back a 2nd EU Referendum under ALL and ANY circumstances.

    Contrary to popular belief, many thousands of Labour members do not support the policy of a 2nd EU referendum. The reasons for this are varied and deeply felt, from fearing it will lead to further divisiveness, to fears concerning the loss of trust that will result, particularly amongst leave voters. However, those of us who oppose a 2nd referendum have had no other choice than to grudgingly accept it was adopted as policy at Labour Conference to have it as an option on the table, to be considered as a very last resort. However, Labour MPs like Tom Watson Jess Phillips and Emily Thornberry are now stating unequivocally that it is Labour policy to implement a 2nd referendum regardless of what happens, in all circumstances, whether its on a deal that's more in keeping with Labour's priorities, or even a Labour negotiated deal in the future. This is not what was agreed at Conference and we reject this position entirely, especially as all these MPs keep citing us the members, as being fully supportive of their stance. They also state what options they believe should be on such a ballot, as if this is Labour position.  Today Rebecca Long-Bailey and Jeremy Corbyn correctly interpreted Labour policy on a 2nd referendum policy as a very last resort which may not be necessary, so to have this undermined by Tom Watson only hours later, makes Labour look divided and is an attempt to make it seem that the members are not being listened to by the leadership, which is not true. We want Labour MPs to stop spinning Labour's Brexit policy to suit their own agendas.

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    Petitioning The Parliamentary Labour Party

    The PLP must unite behind Jeremy Corbyn to defeat the Tories!

    We Labour members and supporters, call on Labour MPs to unify behind one common goal; to win the next General Election. Since Jeremy Corbyn was elected as leader, the Parliamentary Labour Party have behaved in a manner which has indisputably damaged the electoral credibility of the party and its leader; whether through refusing to serve in the Shadow Cabinet, belittling, smearing and disregarding the opinions of the majority of members, or briefing, sniping and plotting against Jeremy Corbyn. Most damaging of all was the clearly orchestrated and long planned effort to force Jeremy Corbyn to resign only nine months into his tenure, which triggered a damaging leadership contest at a time when a united party could have inflicted serious damage on the government. Even after Jeremy Corbyn's re-election, MPs are still tweeting disdainful tweets, and reporting to the media to express 'concerns' which should be dealt with internally. Understandably, none of this will have won us any votes. In fact it's safe to say it has lost us many votes. The Labour Party are always at an electoral disadvantage due to a hostile media. When you add a hostile PLP, unable to accept their democratically elected leader into the mix, it then becomes impossible to win the confidence of the electorate. However, the likelihood is, we have three years to prepare for the next General Election. To be in with a fighting chance we need to unify. That means no more briefing, plotting or brazen attempts to undermine or discredit the leadership or the members. And it means taking collective responsibility for the inevitable poor by-election results that have followed, or will follow this period of utter disarray, rather than using them to further personal vendettas or agendas. From now on, MPs must respect the mandate the majority of members have given to Jeremy Corbyn, and instead channel all their energies into attacking this vile Tory government. To do anything else, will be viewed as a deliberate attempt to ensure a Conservative win! Regardless of wherever MPs place themselves on the broad political spectrum of our party, they should always prefer to serve under a Labour leader they don't always see eye to eye with, or even like, than to be in opposition to a Tory government that is doing so much damage to the lives of their constituents. If any Labour MP finds themselves willing Corbyn to fail, now is the time to be honest with themselves and their constituents and stand down, before they can inflict any further damage on our party and chances of winning a General Election. Because what we need now is unity. Without it we are guaranteed to lose.

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