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It is not good enough to call for people to join this or that existing group. We have to be honest: None of our existing Labour left organisations are, by themselves, the answer. But they can be part of the solution. We therefore believe there is now an urgent need to build a democratic, transparent and socialist Labour Left Alliance that: * organises democratically and transparently; * both supports a left leadership against attacks by the right, and is independent and able to criticise our left wing leaders when necessary; * opposes racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and all other forms of discrimination and is consistently internationalist, a stance which by definition includes support for the democratic and national rights of the Palestinians; * campaigns for the free movement of people; * opposes attempts to conflate anti-Zionism with antisemitism and opposes the witch-hunt against the left; * campaigns to radically transform and democratise the Labour Party and the trade unions; * campaigns for open selection so that the Parliamentary Labour Party better reflects the views of the vast majority of members; * campaigns for a disciplinary process in the Labour Party which is wholly based on natural justice and due process; * supports and encourages struggles against austerity and all forms of oppression.

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Petitioning Keir Starmer, Labour Party, Labour Party NEC, Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs

Reinstate Jeremy Corbyn! End the witch-hunt against the left!

Reinstate Jeremy Corbyn! Stop the witch-hunt against the left! We are Labour Party members and supporters who are outraged by the suspension of Jeremy Corbyn from the Labour Party. He was absolutely right in the comments that got him suspended: "One antisemite is one too many, but the scale of the problem was also dramatically overstated for political reasons by our opponents". Jeremy Corbyn is the latest victim in a witch-hunt against the left, which started as soon as he was elected leader of the Labour Party. Hundreds of socialists and Corbyn supporters have been suspended and expelled for comments that often do not amount to much more than what Corbyn said. All manifestations of racism, antisemitism and Islamophobia must be combatted - which is, we believe, most effectively achieved by a culture of free speech and open debate. While the genuine left of the party wholeheartedly want to eradicate all forms of racism in society, such efforts have been overshadowed by a campaign by the right inside and outside the party, which was never about fighting antisemitism; it was a campaign designed to get rid of Corbyn and make sure that the Labour Party becomes once again a safe “second Eleven” that could run Britain on behalf of capitalism and follow the US into any new military adventure. We demand the immediate reinstatement of Jeremy Corbyn, as well as a public apology by Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner.  We also call on the Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs to come out strongly in support of Jeremy Corbyn and take a lead in fighting the witch-hunt against the left. We demand the immediate and radical overhaul of the party’s complaints and disciplinary procedures so that disciplinary procedures are carried out in accordance with the principles of natural justice, and be time-limited: charges not resolved within three months should be automatically dropped. An accused member should be given all the evidence submitted against them and be regarded as innocent until proven guilty. We demand those are brought to justice who have been exposed in the ‘leaked report’ as having worked against the aims of the Labour Party We oppose the party implementing the Board of Deputies’ 10 Pledges, as they undermine party democracy. We campaign to overturn the party’s commitment to the so-called definition of antisemitism by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, which conflates anti-Zionism with antisemitism in a number of its examples. In these times of crisis we need the Labour Party to offer bold socialist policies, and the right must not be allowed to derail this important task - the witch-hunt must end, so the membership can be free to fight for a society that offers the working class a real alternative to this rotten capitalist system. Model motion is available here:

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Petitioning Jewish Voice for Labour

Open letter to JVL officers: Please support your member Roger Silverman & the LLA 6!

To Jewish Voice for Labour officers We are members, associate members, supporters and friends of the JVL and remain in full support of the initiative of Jewish socialist Labour party members to organise in order to oppose the witch-hunt and the allegation that Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party are antisemitic. In that spirit we are writing to you to urge you to publicly support your member Roger Silverman and the other candidates who are opposing the witch-hunt in the current election to Labour’s new National Executive Committee (NEC) - in addition to the CLGA 6 that you are already supporting. The LLA 6 have committed themselves to a socialist programme that includes unequivocal opposition to the Board of Deputies' 10 Pledges, the IHRA misdefinition of antisemitism and the demand for a fair and just disciplinary process, based on the principle of 'innocent until proven guilty'. Because of the ‘Single Transferable Vote’ system (STV) there is no need for Labour Party members to restrict themselves to ranking only 6 or 9 candidates. in fact, it is tactically better to vote for more than 9, as this will avoid the risk of inadvertently increasing the vote of the right: there is a real danger of left-wing votes being wasted if left-wing members list only 6 or 9 preferences. After Jo Bird was blocked by the Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance from contesting these elections, Roger Silverman and the rest of the LLA 6 represent the best chance to get a member of the NEC elected who will fight against the ongoing attempts to smear dedicated socialists as antisemites and the ongoing efforts to delegitimise any criticism of the actions of the state of Israel.  We therefore ask you to urgently update your electoral advice.  In solidarity, 

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Petitioning jeremy corbyn, Jennie Formby, Labour Party NEC

Covid-19: Urgent action plan for the Labour movement!

The response of the British and European governments to the Covid-19 outbreak demonstrates the failure of neo-liberalism and the market economy. The British government’s response in particular seems to be chiefly based on social Darwinism: the ‘survival of the fittest’. Boris Johnson is clearly putting the needs of capital first. The policy of acquiring ‘herd immunity’ (although now officially abandoned) and the failure to introduce wide-ranging testing has allowed the infection to spread uncontrollably. Having been starved of vital funds by successive governments for decades, the NHS is unable to cope. Thousands have already lost their job or are being asked to take unpaid leave. Having been driven into “self-employment” by the gig economy, millions of workers are not even eligible for statuary sick pay (a measly £94.25/week) and forced to continue working even though they might suspect they are ill. Many will lose most, if not all, of their income. This health crisis is turning into a huge social, economic and political catastrophe before our very eyes. As a party with over 500,000 working class members the Labour Party has a unique opportunity to strengthen working class organisation and solidarity in our communities. It also has the responsibility to step up to the crisis and to develop some serious strategic answers and demands. We, the undersigned, urge all Labour Party members, branches and CLPs to get involved in setting up Mutual Aid societies and to help transform them into political centres of opposition to the government’s irresponsible policies. Details on existing groups and how to set one up are posted and updated here on Facebook. If you are not on FB, let us know where you live and we’ll try to get you in touch with your nearest group. Email The Labour Party currently demands “decent sick pay for all workers, rent and mortgage holidays for people affected, suspension of sanctions and the five week wait for Universal Credit, and support for foodbanks via local authorities.” The party is also preparing a law which would mean any non-payment of rent due to coronavirus would not count as legal grounds for eviction. These are decent demands – but they far from enough to stop millions of people of sliding into unemployment, poverty and despair. Much more is needed – and urgently so! For a start, the Labour Party now must urgently develop its own media outlets. We need articles, videos and podcasts that can counter the daily government briefings. These would also help us to organise an effective opposition, on the ground and in the communities. The Labour Party and union movement must now also demand extensive measures to combat millions of people from experiencing real and long lasting hardship: 1)    Universal income of at least £300/week for everybody over 16 living in Britain – now! Now is the time to provide everybody with a basic income, independent of means testing. 2)    Close schools now! The Labour movement should call on all teachers to stay at home except for a skeleton staff to teach the children of essential workers. 3)    Special, paid leave for those who have to self-isolate or are put in quarantine, on full wages and without any triggers of the sickness policy. Free and full healthcare and no prescription charges for everybody living in Britain, including asylum seekers. 4)    All utility bills should be cancelled for the foreseeable future. Ditto mortgage and rental payments. If the utility companies and banks refuse, they should be put under emergency public ownership. The Labour Party and its members should organise and support rent and mortgage strikes and organise to stop evictions. 5)    We need production based on need, for example when it comes to the production of test equipment, vaccine and respirators. If capitalism cannot deliver, we need measures like the emergency nationalisation of relevant pharmaceutical and other companies. Banks must be ordered to give extended credit on zero interest for small and medium-sized businesses. Make lay-offs and redundancies illegal. Shut the stock exchanges. 6)    Those being asked to stay at home need to be supplied with food staple packages at least weekly, to include dry and canned good, fresh fruit and vegetables, plus meat, vegetarian, or vegan items. 7)    If the big food suppliers cannot guarantee that the shelves remain stocked and deliveries are made in a timely and reliable fashion, they must be brought under emergency public ownership. There should be huge penalties for those trying to make a profit out of supply shortages. 8)    Massively extend Corona testing facilities. Massively expand NHS staff – attract nurses and health workers with decent wages and offer good working conditions. Bring all private hospitals and health facilities under emergency public ownership. Free and safe 24/7 childcare facilities for healthcare workers. Children should be looked after in much smaller groups. 9)    All empty properties, holiday homes and hotels should be requisitioned for accommodation for the homeless and those living in over-crowded housing. If necessary, the Labour Party and the TUC should forcibly requisition empty properties that are required for these needs. Close down detention centres. Release all but the most serious offenders from prison. 10)   No martial law! Real solidarity and local cooperation are now more important than ever. The Labour movement and class communities need to organise to defend their members.

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