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    Don't Slash LAPD Budget

    The Los Angeles Police Department is already underfunded and understaffed as it is. Cutting their budget by $250 Million will hurt Public Saftey. The proposed budget was $1.86 billion, it's being slashed down to under $1 billion. That's an effective cut over $800 million! The budget should be increased from the $1.86 Billion currently or at a the very least be kept the same. We should invest in more Community Policing Programs, increase Diversity Training and expand De-escalation Training. The recent Protests decrying the murder of George Floyd and other inoccent persons of color at the hands of Law Enforcement are a great example of why we need to invest in LAPD. When LAPD is trying to facilitate peaceful protests, opportunistic criminals take advantage of the fact that they're understaffed and loot businesses only a few blocks away. The City's most basic responsibility is to keep us safe. How can LAPD fulfil their mission with massive budget cuts? Investment in African-American Communities is of utmost importance. Yet, it shouldn't come at the expense of Public Saftey. Talk of gang databases are irrelevant to the average person. What matters is having a fair and effective Police Department.  

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