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    EBR Metro Council - Hold BREC Accountable!

    The BREC Commission has publicly stated that they will not conduct a review,  investigation or public hearing related to the events which led to the loss of the Baton Rouge Zoo accreditation; nor will they honor the public desire to hold their administrative staff accountable.  Therefore, we must hold the BREC Commission, as the governing authority of the BREC administrative staff, accountable for their collective refusal to ensure the proper management of tax payer resources - both our tax dollars and the facilities those dollars are supposed to support.  This petition is offered as a vehicle for you to state your wish for the Metro Council, who appoints 6 of the 9 current BREC Commissioners, to advise their appointees that they must do what is in the public interest - place accountability, transparency and proper resource management over personal interest or relationships by conducting the needed review and public hearing of the matters associated with the myriad of maintenance issues we are facing within our parks system. It is your opportunity to join the growing contingent of residents seeking accountability within our local government as well as from their political appointments.  This petition will be delivered to the East Baton Rouge Metro Council in 2 weeks at the regularly scheduled council meeting of April 18, 2018.  Thank you for your continued support!   

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