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We are a group of volunteer campaigners who are opposed to dog and cat consumption in South Korea. Our aim is to end this cruel practice by campaigning vigorously and raising awareness around the world. We are not a registered charity or a formal organization, neither are we affiliated with one. We are heartbroken by how Man’s best friends are being treated in South Korea and ending the horrible practice of dog and cat meat consumption is such an uphill struggle we believe this cannot be accomplished by the activists in South Korea alone. That’s why we campaign in any and every way we can to bring the world’s attention to this important and very urgent issue. We would like people all over the world to get involved and to take meaningful action to help bring this cruel practice to an end. We would like to thank each and every one of the activists in South Korea for their courage, compassion, perseverance, and dedication to ending the dog meat trade. You fearlessly speak out against this terrible cruelty at the risk of your own safety, and we have an enormous amount of respect for all you do. Thank you! We stand in solidarity with you! http://koreandogs.org/

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Petitioning Gimpo Mayor Jeong Ha-Young, Council member Shin Myeong-Soon, Council member Kim Jong-Hyeok, Council member Kim Ok-Kyun, Council member Han Jong-Woo, Council member Bae Gang-Min, Council member Hong...

Gimpo, South Korea, Shut down the illegal “meat dog” auction house immediately!

Shut down this awful dog auction site, where bidders bid for dogs such as jindos (one of the Korea’s national treasures), golden retrievers, labradors etc., while their kennel mates watch on in horror as the humans try to out bid each other for their meat. This is an example of how horrific humans can be to our best friends. Let’s take action now to close this auction for good! Call for Action: https://koreandogs.org/gimpo-dog-auction-house/ Below is translation of JTBC report on July 1, 2019: Dog auction while the dogs are yelping…even the companion dogs are sold for meat.[Anchor]Ahead of Boknal, JTBC cameras captured the scene of buying and selling dogs for meat without distinguishing between ‘meat dogs’ and ‘companion dogs’. There were dogs such as Jindos, which are Korea’s national treasure, and dogs that look like Golden Retrievers which are companion dogs. Choi Kyu-Jin reports on the condition of the ‘meat dog auction house’. [Reporter]A vehicle carrying a metal wire cage enters a warehouse.Inside the warehouse, there are about 200 dogs inside that cages. This is an illegal “meat dog” auction site in Gimpo (Gyeonggi-do Province). [Auctioneer: How can I help you? (I came to buy dogs.) Ok. Take a look around.] The auction begins with the sound of a whistle blowing. Bargaining takes place as buyers jab at crying dogs with a stick. Instead of calling the dogs by their names, they are called by the price. [Auctioneer: White dog! White dog! Start from 1 million won. 15,000 won! 28,000 won! 30,000 won!] Auctions are held 3 times a week; 200 dogs from all over the country are brought here. In addition to Dosa dogs, which are commonly used for meat in Korea because of their size, there are also dogs like Golden Retrievers and Jindo dogs, which are Korea's national treasures. This is illegal under the Animal Protection Act. [Im Yeong-Ki / Animal Rescue 119 Director: They had the dogs divided by breeds. There’s no such thing as inspections done here. Only sales are taking place.] The dogs that are not sold wait inside the cage, an empty food bowl beside them, for the next auction day. Some of the dogs inside the cage have injuries, while others are suspected of having skin diseases. [Lee Ji-Yeon / Animal Liberation Wave Co-Director: The companion dogs and “meat dogs” are not treated differently at all at the auction house. From here, the dogs are sent to the illegal dog slaughterhouses scattered all around the country.] Most of these meat dog auction houses are illegal but cracking down on them is not easy. That is because under current law, only companion dog sales require a license.

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Petitioning Tongyeong Mayor Kang Seok-Ju, Council member Kang Hae-Won, Council member Kim Mi-Ok, Council member Kim Yong-Ahn, Council member Kim Hae-Kyung, Council member Moon Seong-Deok, Council member Bae Do...

Tongyeong, South Korea: Punish the dog butcher bludgeoning dogs to death!

Please watch this video: https://youtu.be/s0amUtbcpiM A dog butcher in Tongyeong, South Korea is daily bludgeoning dogs to death in front of other terrified dogs and the local government authority is doing nothing about it. This video is not a replay of same clip over and over. Each of these were recorded at different times. This psychopath criminal has 40 to 50 dogs in his farm and the dogs are killed in this horrific way. This is a violation of the Animal Protection Act. We want the city of Tongyeong to punish this criminal and shut down the hellhole dog farm/slaughterhouse immediately. Please sign and share! Click here to for campaign page: https://koreandogs.org/tongyeong-dog-butcher/ Click here to take more actions: https://koreandogs.org/tongyeong/ Below is the translation of Korea Animal Welfare Association (KAWA)'s post:  The sounds of dogs being slaughtered echo loud and far at this small village in Tongyeong, South Korea. On the 29th of July, we received a tip from an informant. The informant first reported animal abuse to the police with the CCTV video from his house dated July 26 and he sent us a copy of the video. Even though the local residents have complained about this numerous times, the local government has not taken any action, so the informant contacted us to ask what else he could do about it. After watching the video and the photos we were shocked and appalled. This dog butcher is said to own about 40 to 50 dogs. He bludgeons these dogs to death with a club in front of the other dogs, and then he drags them around. People in the whole village hear the cries of the dogs as they’re being bludgeoned to death. Local residents complain that they shudder in horror and emotionally tormented. There are several videos of dogs being slaughtered that have been uploaded. These are not the same video, they are different videos taken at different times. There is no progress at the National Assembly regarding the proposed amendment to the Animal Protection Act that prohibits discretionary slaughtering of animals. This amendment must be passed in order to reduce and eliminate the illegal and cruel slaughter of animals. Although this proposed amendment has not been passed, the dog butcher in this video is still in violation of Article 8 (1) of the Animal Protection Act, which prohibits “killing an animal with animals of the same kind present at the scene.” Korea Animal Welfare Association (KAWA) will continue to monitor this dog slaughterhouse.  We ask that you show your continued interest in and support of this case so the local government will take appropriate measures. 몽둥이로 개잡는 소리가 울려 퍼지는 통영시의 작은 동네 https://animals.or.kr/campaign/friend/48607 지난 29일 동물자유연대로 제보가 들어왔습니다. 제보자가 먼저 26일 날에 본인 집 CCTV에 찍힌 영상을 가지고 경찰에 동물 학대로 고발을 한 후에 저희 쪽으로도 보내준 것이었습니다. 주민들이 계속해서 민원을 제기하여도 관할 지자체가 단속을 나오지 않고, 별다른 조치가 없어서 추가적으로 어떻게 대응해야 할지 문의차 제보를 해주신 것이었습니다. 영상과 사진을 확인한 활동가들은 경악을 금치 못했습니다. 이 개 농장 주는 주변에 40-50마리의 개를 키우면서 도살을 한다고 합니다. 다른 개들이 보는 앞에서 개를 몽둥이로 때려죽이고 끌고 다니며, 그럴 때면 온 동네에 개의 울부짖는 소리가 울린다고 합니다. 동네 주민들은 소름이 끼치고 정신적으로 힘들다고 호소합니다. 함께 올린 영상 속 개를 도살하는 장면은 같은 영상을 반복하거나 짜깁기한 것이 아닌 다 다른 시간대의 다른 영상입니다. 국회에선 1년 내내 동물 임의 도살 법에 관해 어떤 움직임도 없습니다. 동물임의도살금지법을 통과시켜야만 더 이상 잔인하게 불법적으로 도살되고 학대당하는 동물들이 줄어들고 사라질 것입니다. 아직 동물임의도살법이 시행되고 있지 않지만, 해당 영상 속 개 도살자는 다른 동종 동물이 보는 앞에서 동물을 죽이는 행위를 저지른 명백한 동물보호법 8조 1항을 위배하였습니다. 앞으로도 동물자유연대는 지속적으로 이 개도살장을 살필 것입니다. 관심이 사그라들지 않도록, 관할 지자체가 제대로 된 조치를 취할 수 있도록, 시민분들께서도 지속적인 관심을 보여주시길 부탁드리겠습니다.

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Petitioning Gwangmyeong Mayor Park Seung-Won

Gwangmyeong, South Korea : Shut down a large-scale illegal dog farm and slaughterhouse!

Click HERE to learn more and take actions: https://koreandogs.org/kara-gwangmyeong-dog-slaughterhouse/ https://www.ekara.org/activity/against/read/11451 Petition: Request to demolish dog slaughterhouse and dog farm. Thank you for working to better the Gwangmyeong City environment. Currently there are no legally registered dog farms in Gwangmyeong City, but near the power transmission tower in Noonsa-dong, Gwangmyeong City, there is a building housing a dog farm and dog slaughterhouse. As the Mokgam Stream flows in the vicinity, it is place where river water preservation is also of great concern. A stream that flows throughout Gwangmyeong City should not be contaminated by the wastewater from a dog slaughterhouse/farm. And more importantly, there is much evidence that dogs were subject to terrible abuse, locked in wire cages among filth and garbage, brutally slaughtered and these mass-distributed as meat at this place. This building, which has been purposely constructed near a high-voltage power transmission tower to decrease accessibility, threatens the safety of people and the safety of dogs. Please take action so that Gwangmyeong City buildings like this are demolished and the neglected dogs can be quarantined immediately. 제목 : 개도살장 및 개농장 철거 요청 밝은 광명시 환경을 위해 애써 주시는 관계자분들께 감사드립니다. 광명시에는 현재 가축분뇨법상 신고된 개농장이 없음에도 ‘광명시 노온사동’ 고압송전탑 주위에 개농장과 개도살장 건축물이 세워져 있습니다. 인접한 위치에는 목감천도 흐르고 있어 하천 보전이 필요한 곳이기도 합니다. 광명시 일대를 흐르는 시민의 하천에 개도살장과 개농장의 오수가 흘러들어 오염되는 일은 없어야 합니다. 그리고 무엇보다 이곳은 쓰레기더미 같은 열악한 환경 속 뜬장 안에 개들을 계류하다 잔인하게 도살하여 대규모로 유통을 해 온 곳으로 추정되는 여러 정황이 있습니다. 접근이 위험한 고압송전탑 가까이 지어 사람의 접근을 방지하는 이 건축물은 사람의 안전도, 개의 안전도 위협하고 있습니다. 광명시에서 이러한 건축물이 하루빨리 철거되고 방치된 개들이 긴급 격리조치 될 수 있도록 적극 나서주시길 바랍니다!

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Petitioning Seoul National University, Professor Lee Byeong-Chun, Seoul National University Public Relations, Dean Kang Moon-Seo

Dismiss SNU's Prof Lee Byeong-Chun for cruel experiments on retired cloned detection dogs

Professor Lee Byeong-Chun at the Seoul National University (College of Veterinary Medicine), hides behind his researcher's mask, must be removed from his position, and the government agency who funded Lee Byeong-Chun to do research on companion animals needs to take responsibility! The business of cloning dogs must be stopped immediately. Click HERE for more actions you can take: http://koreandogs.org/snu-cruelty/ This is translation of post from Korea Animal Rights Advocates(KARA) on April 16, 2019. Click the below news to learn more: 1. Animal rights groups call for ouster of professor for alleged animal abusehttps://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/nation/2019/04/181_267711.html2. [단독] “아사 직전에 코피까지”…서울대의 수상한 동물실험https://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=001&oid=056&aid=00106916483. [단독] “정기 점검 피하려 숨겼다”…서울대 윤리위 조사 착수https://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=001&oid=056&aid=0010691650 Retired cloned dog, May, so starved that his ribs and bones are protruding, unable to stand upright properly, nose bleeding and with strangely enlarged genitalia. Although retired working dogs are prohibited from being used for animal testing purposes, Seoul National University College of Veterinary Medicine professor Lee Byeong-Chun used retired quarantine detection (sniffer) dogs for animal testing. Dongyi, another dog being used for research, is forced to constantly run on a treadmill to track changes in heart rate. When the research experiment is over, Dongyi will be put to use as a sniffer dog again without any rest.  Dongyi has experienced rolled-back eyes and seizures, and a veterinarian has stated that this is likely due to high stress. Dongyi is only holding up with the help of drugs. These gruesome images were reported on a KBS broadcast on April 15, 2019, which shocked the public. These cruel acts were all committed by Professor Lee Byeong-Chun. Back in 2017, KARA had already raised public awareness against Lee Byeong-Chun for illegally using dog meat farm dogs for his unethical research, and had filed a lawsuit against the governmental organization Rural Development Administration for commissioning Lee Byeong-Chun to clone working dogs. The lawsuit against the Rural Development Administration is still in progress. Lee Byeong-Chun took female dogs from dog meat farms in dismal conditions and collected their eggs, which he artificially fertilized and implanted into surrogate dogs to obtain his cloned dogs. The dogs that were taken by Lee Byeong-Chun were all returned to dog meat farms where they were brutally slaughtered. Now it has been reported that these cloned dogs, that have spent many years in service for humans were subjected to cruel animal testing after their retirement by Lee Byeong-Chun. From dog meat farm dog egg collection to animal testing on retired working dogs - where is the end of the unethical behavior of Professor Lee Byeong-Chun? The bigger issue is that despite several blatant acts of animal abuse, Lee Byeong-Chun is still permitted to continue his research. Even though he has violated the law and has committed cruel cloning experiments using dog meat farm dogs, Lee Byeong-Chun is currently the research director for the Center for Companion Animal Research, which the Rural Development Administration has committed 22 billion Korean won of taxpayers' money to develop core technology for the vitalization of the companion animal industry. That is even after the cruel egg collection incident was revealed to the public. The Rural Development Administration employs the most people with master's and doctorate degrees among all of Korea's national agencies, has an enormous research budget and exercises great power and authority. In 2018, in response to KARA's demand for the dismissal of professor Lee Byeong-Chun, the Rural Development Administration stated "There is no decisive reason for his dismissal and he was chosen competitively." Lee Byeong-Chun, who hides behind his researcher's mask, must immediately be removed from his position, and the government agency who granted Lee Byeong-Chun with government funds and the authority to do research on companion animals needs to wake up and face the truth. The business of cloning dogs must be stopped! KARA would like you to join us in saving abused animals in labs and stopping unethical animal testing by signing this petition. Only your awareness and compassion can save these animals from this suffering. ▶ Unethical Lee Byeong-Chun must step down from all of his positions and stop his cruel dog cloning business!⠀▶ Seoul National University must take responsibility for Lee Byeong-Chun's ongoing abuse of lab animals and immediately dismiss Lee Byeong-Chun!⠀▶ The government must disclose information on the dog cloning business and the Rural Development Administration must remove Lee Byeong-Chun as the head of the Center for Companion Animal Research!⠀Petition: https://bit.ly/2V2Bxi6⠀Official Korean Government Petition:  https://www1.president.go.kr/petitions/579585 연구자 탈을 쓴 동물학대 이병천을 해임하고, 자격없는 이병천에게 국비주고 반려동물 연구 맡긴 정부기관은 책임져라! 아사 직전의 뼈만 남은 상태로 코피를 흘리며 제대로 서지도 못하고 생식기만 기이하게 커져있는 은퇴 복제견 '메이'. 국가 사역견은 은퇴 후 동물 실험이 금지 되어 있지만, 서울대 이병천은 은퇴한 검역 탐지견을 동물실험에 이용하였습니다.비슷한 처지의 '동이'는 심장 박동수 변화를 측정하기 위해 강제로 끊임 없이 러닝머신을 달려야 합니다. 실험이 끝나면 휴식도 없이 다시 검역탐지 임무에 투입됩니다. '동이'는 눈이 뒤집혀 발작을 하기도 했으며 스트레스일 가능성이 높다는 수의사의 소견이 있었습니다. 마약 성분 약으로 하루하루 버티고 있습니다.⠀모두를 충격에 빠트린 2019년 4월 15일 KBS 방송에 보도된 비글들의 처참한 모습입니다. 이번에도 서울대 이병천 교수입니다. 이미 동물권행동 카라(KARA)는 2017년 식용 개농장 개들을 불법 이용하고 있는 이병천의 비윤리적 동물실험에 대해 문제를 제기하며, 이병천에게 특수목적견 복제사업을 맡긴 농진청을 상대로 정보공개청구 소송을 해오고 있으며 정보를 숨기고 있는 농진청에 대하여 소송은 지금도 진행되고 있습니다. 이병천은 복제견을 생산하기 위해 비참한 개농장의 암컷 개들을 데려와 난자를 채취하고 대리모견에게 인공수정으로 임신시켜 복제견을 얻은 후 이 개들을 모두 개농장으로 돌려보내 도살되게 했던 장본인입니다. 그런 이병천이 이번엔 복제로 태어나 오랜 세월 인간을 위해 사역한 비글을 대상으로도 동물학대 실험을 자행하고 있다는 보도였습니다. 개농장 개 난자채취부터 은퇴 복제견을 대상으로 한 동물실험까지 서울대 이병천 교수의 비윤리적 행태의 끝은 어디일까요? 더욱 큰 문제는 수차례 동물학대에도 불구한 이병천의 연명입니다. 법을 어기고 개농장 개들을 이용해 잔인한 복제실험을 해 온 이병천이 현재 220억원의 혈세가 투입되는, 농진청의 반려동물산업 활성화 핵심기반기술개발 연구사업의 연구단장이라는 사실을 아시나요? 그것도 난자 채취 사건이 세상에 드러난 이후에 말입니다. 농촌진흥청은 우리나라 국가기관중 가장 많은 석박사를 보유하고 막대한 연구 예산을 집행하는 등 막강한 권한을 가지고 있습니다. 농진청은 2018년 이병천 교수의 해임을 요구하는 카라에게 “결정적 해임 사유가 없고 경쟁에 의해 선정되었다”고 말한 바 있습니다. 연구자 탈을 쓴 동물학대 이병천은 즉시 물러나야 하며, 자격없는 이병천에게 국비를 주고 반려동물 연구라는 중책을 맡긴 정부기관도 각성해야 합니다. 복제견 사업은 중단되어야 합니다. 동물실험실에서 학대받는 동물들을 살리고, 비윤리적 실험을 중단시킬 수 있도록 서명에 동참해 주시고 카라와 함께해 주시기를 부탁드립니다. ▶ 윤리상실 이병천은 모든 자리 내려놓고 동물학대 복제견 사업 중단하라! ▶ 서울대는 계속되고 있는 이병천의 실험동물 학대사건들 책임지고 이병천을 즉시 해임하라! ▶ 국가기관은 타당성 없는 복제견 사업 정보공개하고 농진청은 이병천을 거대국비 반려동물연구사업단장에서 즉각 해임하라!

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