International Aid for Korean Animals

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International Aid for Korean Animals (IAKA) is a non-profit organization that promotes the humane treatment of animals in South Korea. Its mission is to end the consumption of dog, cat, and bear products in South Korea by raising international awareness and advocating for improved animal protection legislation in South Korea.

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Petitioning Park Geun-hye

Stopping the dog/cat meat trade in Korea by the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics

As a global society, we have reached the point where the monstrous slaughter and abuse of the dog meat market cannot and will not be tolerated. Taiwan, Hong Kong and Thailand all banned the killing of dogs and cats years ago. It is now time for South Korea to acknowledge the global changes that are occurring and properly do away with this heinous industry. The people of Korea—not just foreigners—have actively demonstrated that there is no necessity to consume dog meat, that there is no need to consider dogs as livestock. Many Korean-based organizations have also raised money to improve facilities, distribute pet care materials and provide classes to ensure a good foundation for owners to raise their companion dogs and/or cats. In addition, the dog meat industry also damages Korea’s international relations by severely tarnishing its national image. So now we ask: Why hasn’t the government put a stop to the dog meat market? It can be done, but it is up to our nation’s leaders. By shutting down the dog soup restaurants, dog meat market, and even simply providing educational courses, you, our ministers, and the government can positively impact our society today.    South Korea can only achieve greatness if you:   1. Make new, enforceable laws banning the slaughter of dogs and cats for food and medicine and enforce them. 2. Implement the existing animal protection laws. 3. Stop claiming that boshintang (dog meat soup) is a cultural or traditional food in South Korea.   4. Educate the Korean people about the humane treatment of animals.

International Aid for Korean Animals
12,199 supporters