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Reject Trump's Failed Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Programs

The Trump Administration is taking major steps backwards in the fight to keep students happy, safe, and healthy with his new sex ed plans. The Intercept calls it "an absurd twist on a failed policy". Under the Obama Administration, the Federal government began recognizing the plethora of evidence that proves Comprehensive Sex Education programs help reduce sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancy rates. As a country we started to move away from abstinence-only programs which have been proven completely ineffective. To put it simply, the absence of information is not education. Yes, abstinence is the only way to be 100% safe, but relying solely on telling someone not do do something is unrealistic. In the absence of this essential information, students turn to what is readily available to them, the internet and sexually explicit materials which could not get farther from the reality about sex. They do not represent an accurate portrayal of sexuality or offer healthy examples of physical and emotional sexual experiences. Let's look at the data: A federally funded study of abstinence programs found there is no connection between enrollment in an abstinence program to the delaying of sexual activity, having fewer sexual partners, or from students abstaining completely from sex. Additionally, a recent study was released from Guttmacher Institute, a leading reproductive health research group, found abstinence-only programs do not succeed in reducing rates of teen pregnancies or STIs. One of the authors of the study, Laura Lindberg, said abstinence-only programs leaves our young people without the information and skills that they need. Abstinence-only programs are not just ineffective, but also actively harmful. A report by the Government Reform Committee looked into the 13 most commonly used programs in the nation and concluded that only 2 of them were factually sound. The other 11, used by 25 states and 69 organizations, according to Advocates for Youth “contained unproven assertions, subjective conclusions, or outright falsehoods”. Not only are we failing to give students information, we’re actually feeding them lies with abstinence programs. We must reject Trump's plans to push for more abstinence programs and demand that as a country, we move to a medically accurate, unbiased, inclusive and comprehensive model. The Netherlands has already implemented a comprehensive program to great success. Their sexuality education start as early as age 4. The lessons at young ages focus on different concepts like sexuality, relationships, appropriate touching, and intimacy. “Eight-year-olds learn about gender stereotypes and self-image, and 11 year olds learn about contraception and sexual identity. The hope is to educate kids thoroughly enough that they can have thoughtful conversations about safe sex, abuse, and reproduction before they hit their teen years.” - ATTN The United States has on of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the developed world and our broken sex education programs are to blame. It's time we demand Congress enact a nationwide act to mandate comprehensive sex education and finally put an end to the deceitful abstinence-only programs. Further Information: The Abstinence of Essential Information (WATCH) What America Could Learn From The Netherlands' Sex Ed System How Trump's Latest Push For Abstinence Only-Education Harms LGBTQ+ Youth DONALD TRUMP’S EMBRACE OF ABSTINENCE-ONLY SEX ED IS AN ABSURD TWIST ON A FAILED POLICY

Keystone Coalition for Advancing Sex Education
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