KC Freedom Project

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Fighting for justice, Vindicating the innocent Exonerating the falsely accused. Our goal is to establish a Conviction Integrity Unit within the Jackson County Prosecutors Office. Pictured above is Keith Carnes who as a result of public corruption was wrongly convicted and sentenced to two terms in prison with no parole for a murder he did not commit. Eleven years into serving his sentence both eyewitnesses came forward and recanted their original testimony statements with claims the prosecutor forced and instructed them to implicate Keith Carnes in said homicide. Besides the eyewitness accounts there is no other evidence which links Keith Carnes to the crime. Along with the eyewitnesses recanting, the former Jackson County Medical Examiners original autopsy report reflected Mr. Carnes innocence however it was totally disregarded in court. This case serves as a prime example as to why Jackson County Mo. prosecutors office should implement this type of unit.