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    Petitioning Jimmy Fallon, Ryan Reynolds

    Get Deadpool to show Jimmy Fallon How to Experience Regina!

    On June 19th, on the Tonight Show's segment "Do Not Play" (where they feature songs that no one should ever listen to), show host Jimmy Fallon played the famous Regina anthem, "Experience Regina".  You can see the clip here -> Jimmy Roasts Experience Regina A few days after this, the Regina Mayor, Michale Fougere tweeted out that Jimmy should come and "Experience Regina", and against all odds, Jimmy responded. You can see the exchange below. Mayor Fougere's Tweet to Jimmy Jimmy's Response to the Mayor THIS IS OUR CHANCE TO SHOW THE WORLD HOW AMAZING/FUN REGINA IS! We've come up with an idea that we believe would make Jimmy's potential visit to Regina something unforgettable: a personal tour from Regina born character, Deadpool. (For some context, the character Deadpool (real name Wade Wilson (played by Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds) was born in Regina Saskatchewan)). Imagine having Jimmy Fallon get a personalized tour of our city from Ryan Reynolds, while he's acting as Deadpool? AND we can finish the day off with a filming of the Tonight's Show at the Conexus Arts Center or Casino Regina. And yes, the Roots must be a part of this as well. We think that with some pressure, it's a win/win/win/ with everyone involved: Jimmy Fallon wins by getting great content for the Tonight's Show that people around the world will want to watch. Ryan Reynolds wins by promoting Deadpool's movie and reminding people about the fact that Deadpool 2 is being released soon on video! (He might even get  chance to speak with the Mayor about FINALLY making that Deadpool statue Mayor Says NO to Deadpool Statue) Regina wins by having two world stars celebrate/have fun in our city Let's invite The Tonight Show and Ryan Reynolds to Experience Regina!  *Anyone who lives in Regina has seen the infamous 'Experience Regina' video.  If you're one of the few who missed it, you can check it out here: Experience Regina    

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    Petitioning Premier Scott Moe

    Make the Vegas Golden Knights, Saskatchewan's Offical NHL Hockey Team

    Saskatchewan has some of the most passionate hockey fans in the world but we have NO place to call home at the NHL level.  It's a shame that we don't have the population to support our own team and even MORE of a shame that we're surrounded by teams that don't fit the Saskatchewan brand. Winnipeg Jets - We can't cheer for anything Winnipeg on principle Calgary Flames - The Saddledome is a terrible arena to watch hockey in. Edmonton Oilers - The WORST franchise in the past decade, by a country mile. WE DESERVE BETTER. Which got us thinking, wait a minute, maybe the Vegas Golden Knights (VGK) can be OUR team:   Vegas is one direct flight away from both Regina and Saskatoon and it's usually CHEAPER than flying to a closer, Canadian NHL city. In Saskatchewan, we LOVE escaping winter for a quick Las Vegas vacation. We ALL do it. We have a TON of junior franchises all across the province who can vouch for Saskatchewan hockey prowess and passion. We have a Saskatchewan born player in Brayden McNabb already on the team who openly welcomes the idea. (VGK also has a TON of Canadian talent). Saskatchewan Roughrider fans need a winter sport to help keep the rust off. The VEGAS locals WANT US to join with them at The Fortress (T-Mobile Arena). It's their first season; let's join them before it's too late!   We made a video that's been viewed over 100,000 times on social media in SUPPORT of this movement - > The Saskatchewan Vegas Golden Knights We want to see the Premier make it official that Saskatchewan can finally have an NHL team in the Vegas Golden Knights, by passing legislation announcing it as so.  In doing so he will be lifting the curse of Saskatchewan being the ONLY province west of Quebec without an NHL franchise. Help Saskatchewan get their own NHL franchise by adopting the Vegas Golden Kight franchise and their passionate fans! The VGK Fan Experience Video  ***NOTE: We're not asking for money! If you're prompted for a donation, please ignore it! Your signature and support are MORE than enough. 

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