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My name is Stephen Orringer and I have set up these petitions. My story is on www.falseconvictions.com and you will be shocked on how this could happen in America. You will see proof there that I am really an innocent person. I hired a Private Investigator and he claims he could not find anything. I investigated my own case and now, I demand justice. My rights were violated because my lawyer withheld evidence from the judge and jury. Further, my own lawyer also withheld VERY IMPORTANT court dates that would have brought the truth out and cleared my name. I would never have found out about this if I did not investigate my own case. My attorney and the state worked together to hide very important evidence like the childs confession which really was the purpose of this charge. The confession from the child accuser was on audio tape, however my attorney did not use it at either trial.The prosecution used the mother as the victim at the Intimidation hearing. Please support me by signing our petitions. I am taking a stand against wrongful convictions. Read my site and you will know first hand that I am an innocent man. I am looking for a probono attorney to help out with my case. Thanks in advance for all your support. It means so much to me. Feel Free to Comment on here and my blogs. t means so much it me. The child confessed and I should not have to live this lie the rest of my lie. Spread the word of this petition to everyone you know. This is the main reason why we have false convictions today. Please help me.

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Petitioning Rick Glazier (State Representative)

Gov. Cooper - Investigate my case. There's proof my lawyer hid evidence from the jury!

Attorney for The State - Ms. Cynthia Baddour and Attorney for the Defendant, Mr. Phil Redwine.  Applelate Attorney was Mr. Thomas Manning. The Original DA was Colon C. Willoubhy. My name is Stephen Orringer and this case needs to be investigated and reviewed because I can prove my innocence. I have plenty of documentation like the Victim Impact statement, Appeal decision, Motion for Appropriate Relief that shows that the child confessed. They are posted on www.falseconvictions.com so I would like you to go and read my site. This case is so shocking. They claim I have no new evidence when I have plenty. There are disturbing facts in my case that I uncovered.  First, there was the Victim Impact statement that was written only two weeks prior to trial. She admitted in the statement that her son felt like he was in the wrong. All you have to do is read this. Second, my lawyer hid the audio taped confession from the jury. Proof is under the Confession tab and totally fabricated a story about the tape. Yet, he was believed since he was a former judge in the same courthouse I was convicted. Third, my appelate lawyer hid court dates on the Intimidation of a States Witness charge so the confession would not come out in the appeal process. Further, my appeal was decided on Feb 24, 1994. When do you think I started serving my sentence. Jan 11, 1995 , almost a year later. The reason why is my lawyers really did conspire with the prosecution so the new NC Sex Offender registration law would afftect me. The Motion for Appropriate relief was filed with the court to show how ineffective my trial was however, was ruled effective because my lawyer worked in the same courthouse in which I was convicted. Also, I noticed something other things that were very odd about it. My lawyer made up a story about the tape saying he thought it was manufactured. Is that a job for my lawyer to decide or the jury. He said, it was my tape player, I was secreted in another room, telling a witness what to say, and so forth. All of it false. Further, I noticed that the date my Motion was heard to the time it was signed was almost 11 months, Jan, 5, 1995. They did this because they knew if I went to prison, I could do nothing about it. Here is something I just found out today 4-4-14. My lawyer had me plea to a case that I was NOT even arrested for. No rights were read to me, no warrant, etc. My lawyer had me plea to something that I had not even been indicted on. How could you even make a plea in open court if you had not even been ARRESTED??? It sure happened to me. A lot of things were hidden. Arrests, no rights read, court dates missed, etc. This case is outrageous.

Justice for Stephen
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Petitioning Donald Trump

Help Clear an Innocent Man - Lawyer HID confession from jury. See falseconvictions.com

Our justice system wrongfully convicted me. Lawyers hid evidence, including a confession from the accuser. This case is the result of the Wake County NC DSS Lying to The Boys Mother that the defendant had a prior conviction in Virginia just to get her to file the charges. Further, a trial witness for the state testified that I told his mother I had been convicted of this stuff. I did not have a criminal record. Read website www.falseconvictions.com . Look under the Victim Impact and Confession tabs. The prosecution fabricated a case and they knew I am innocent and my lawyer turned on me to help them hide all of my evidence. I also passed a polygraph test in 2012. Attorney for The State - Ms. Cynthia Baddour and Attorney for the Defendant, Mr. Phil Redwine.  Applelate Attorney was Mr. Thomas Manning. The Original DA was Colon C. Willoubhy. . Please scroll down and comment after signing. Check it to nake sure it appears. Imagine 25 Years of your life STOLEN from you because of a false conviction. My lawyer and the prosecution HID evidence, the childs confession, from coming out at any hearing. Read the Photo in this petition and it will show you how my attorney was against me. This was during a Motion for Appropriate Relief hearing. Do you think he was really effective? He was ruled that way because he was a former Wake County District Court judge and his friend ruled in his favor.  Jeffrey confessed to me saying he was sorry and his own mother made him lie. The State of NC, filed a charge of Intimidation of a Witness to cover this up, and my own lawyer hid retrial dates so the audio tape would not surface. While I have done everyday of my sentence, however, I am still being punished. These convictions need to be overturned so I can have my life back. I am a good person that would never harm a child. Jeffreys confession has given me piece of mind knowing that he is sorry. You will see in my site a Victim Impact statement where the boys mother admits TWO weeks before trial that her son "FELT LIKE HE WAS IN THE WRONG". yet she made him go to court. It has been a never ending nightmare of being falsely convicted of something I would never do. Please sign this petition so I can get my case heard & get justice. Don't you think 25 years is long enough? This story needs to be exposed because I am tired of living this lie for something I did not do. Not to mention the pain I have had to go through because of this, it has drained my family financially. The attorneys stole 135,000 from us and worked for the state. All I tried to do was be a good person and volunteer my time to help needy families. I even met the boys father at a church bingo, and I told him about my charges. He stated to me, "You can see why we got divorced, and it is better you than me." Is that a normal reaction from a father? I do not think so. Please read my case, comment on my blog about it. The blog is blog.falseconvictions.com . I would REALLY appreciate your signature on this petition. It is not right what happened to me. While I believe that a person who abuses a child should be punished, people should not make their children lie about it to get someone in trouble. Please help me by signing and commenting on this petition. I appreciate all of your support in getting this wrongful conviction corrected. I should not have to live with this when I can prove my innocence. I will respond to all posts. This case is a huge miscarriage of jusitce. I need your support right now. It is very painful to me. Please sponsor this petition.  Also, if you know of a pro bono lawyer that would like to help clear my name, let me know and they can email me at seekingrelief@hotmail.com. Not only did my lawyer hide evidence and court dates, he pled me guilty to the Intimidation charge without my consent. This is one of the most outrageous case I have ever seen. The Intimidation trial would have brought out the childs confession and clear my name.  If you are a lawyer and can practice in NC, I really would appreciate if you could take this case probono. I have not had any innocence project that will help me EVEN THOUGH the facts prove I am innocent. Please help me. Thanks.  

Justice for Stephen
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Petitioning Roy Cooper

NC - Pass Laws: That Would Make it A Felony for Either Counsel or Prosecution to HIDE Evidence

Sex offender laws are destroying the families and I would like to see justice done so that the courts can effectively prosecute or set people free. The sex offender can not find work or In my case the Falsely Accused and Convicted Sex Offender.  The accusers on the other hand have absolutely nothing to lose by filing false charges. I would further say that these charges have alot to do with custody cases, however, that is not always the case. Just because a jury convicts does not mean the person is really guilty. The document that is attached to this is a page from the Motion for Appropriate Relief to show there was a confession and my own attorney hid it from the court. See Photo in Petition. You will see concrete proof that I am innocenc. Look at www.falseconvictions.com and sign, spread the word on all of my petitions under the petitions tab. Feel free to comment on my blogs. It is blog.falseconvictions.com and blog.iwasfalselyconvicted.com. I want my name cleared.In my case, the Stephen Orringer case, I was falsely accused and convicted of Indecent Liberties with a Minor, and the State used the Intimidation of a State's Witness to effectively cover up the confession with the help of my counsel. My counsel hid the information (confession) from the judge and jury. There needs to be a way I can prove my innocence. With the information on my website, it shows the dhild confessed that the crimew did not even happened. So why should I have to take the blame for something I did not do and be punished for the rest of my life. I can show the court it did not happen. All you have to do is read the Victim Impact and Confession tabs on my website above and you will see that it never happened and if the jury heard this evidence, I most likely would not have been convicted. Please lawmakers, pass a law, so I can go back to court and prove my innocence. Come to find out in 2014, that my lawyer pled me guilty to a charge without my consent. See my site for the craziest case you have ever seen in your life. We need Stephen's Law passed. Please sign my petitions and know that you are taking a stand against wrongful convictions and wish to see my convictions overturned. Thank you.   Most sincerely,Stephen Orringer  

Justice for Stephen
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Petitioning Donald J. Trump

Petition: Make A Registry For People Who Influence Children to Lie About Sex Crimes

This is very important to me because I was falsely accused and convicted of a child sex crimes even though the boys mother knew I was innocent, her son confessed to me that he was sorry and that his own mother made him lie. This is a serious accusation and I would not say this unless I have proof to back it up. This is serious. I am not talking about little kids making it up. The new proposed law would make stiff penalties for people that encourage children to fabricate stories of sex abuse. Also, it would make the adults and the people involved with the investigation responsible for their actions. I believe that little children would not make this up UNLESS they were prompted by their parents or another adult to do so. I do want this petition to take off because falsely accusing people ruin their lives while the accusers lives remain unchanged. IF THE ALLEDGED abuse happened, I encourage you to come forward and tell someone. You just do not make up stories because someone told you to. Further to prove the confession happened, and my lawyer withheld it from the court, check my website for more information on my case. www.falseconvictions.com. Click on the Victim Impact and the Confession tab. You will see where the boys mother admitted only two weeks before trial that "Her son Jeffrey felt like he was wrong" The confession was all on audio tape. My own lawyer HID the confession from the judge and jury. Please sign my petitions. I would like to have my convictions overturned. This case will blow your mind. I would like to see new laws put in place to protect the innocent and prosecute the people that really take advantage of our children. Right now anyone can charge anyone and they will get free representation and they have absolutely nothing to lose if the charge is proven to be false. I would like to see new laws that would prosecute anyone who would influence children to lie about sex crimes. Further, I would like to see a Registry made for people that commit this act. We should not have to take this anymore. Here the convicted offender has their names searched on the internet with a registry where the accusers do not have anything to lose. If this law was in place, they would have something to lose if the facts came out that they lied. Therefore, this would help with the false arrests of people because if they are lying they most certainly would not want to make false allegations if they knew they would be some kind of punishment. You can call this Stephen's Law. I can prove my innocence and want my day in court to bring out the facts that should have been brought out the first time.

Justice for Stephen
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