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Embracing or at least attempting to comprehend the Black Agenda has become so mundane in America, it’s as if African descendants were never sold to greedy and evil colonists! The narrative needs to drastically change.

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Petitioning Ron DeSantis, Val Demings, Stephanie Murphy, NAACP , Citrus County Detention Center, Bob Plaisted, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Department of Justice, United States Department of Health and Human Serv...

Mentally Ill Inmate Denied Medication

Mr. Demare Tavis Barnes was clinically diagnosed with ADHD, Bipolar disorder with paranoia. He was released from Department of Corrections recently, due to a psychotic episode provoked by self defense, Demare violated the conditions of his parole. Mrs. Lelia Jackson-Burch, the mother of Mr. Barnes, desperately tried unsuccessfully to obtain her son's anti-psychotic medication at Mr. Barnes release. Though Mr. Barnes received official documentation stating his prescriptions should be received with his property at his release, he was denied this right as an inmate and a mentally ill resident being released back to the city of Crystal River.  To date Mr. Barnes is currently housed, once again, at a privatized prison: "The Citrus County Detention Facility is a privately operated prison located in Lecanto, Citrus County, Florida, run by the Corrections Corporation of America to house inmates for multiple jurisdictions: the county, the United States Virgin Islands Department of Justice, and the U.S. Marshals Service." Though the family, and his mother, have reached out to Mike Quinn-Warden pleading for Mr. Barnes continued psychiatric care and medication, her pleas have fallen on deaf ears and her son's mental health has reached a dangerous level of psychosis. Mr. Barnes has not slept and his MENTAL HEALTH is in peril.  PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE THIS PETITION...DEMANDING THAT THE "CITRUS COUNTY DETENTION FACILITY," STOP DENYING A MENTAL HEALTH INMATE THE RIGHT TO BE TREATED AS A HUMAN BEING. JUNETEENTH PROTEST COALITION  THE FAMILY, MRS. Lelia Jackson-Burch - Mother of Mr. Demare Tavis Barnes   https://www.corecivic.com/faciCitrus County Detention Facility 

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