International Prolife Federation

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The International Prolife Federation is a n/f/p non-violent political, charitable, humanitarian and educational NGO for men, women and children of all ages and cultures, irrespective of Religion. IPF has three active chapters in Africa, specifically, Kempala, Uganda headed by Richard Sempala CEO of the Africa Life Youth, Festo Muasa, Nairobi, Kenya and Kabs Peterson, Johnannesburg, South Africa. IPF has other International Chapters but the ones listed above are our most active Chapters. Please see our Mission Statement at WeCareToo, a non-for-profit directory here on the Internet. Respectfully Submitted, Ms. Ernestine Gwendolyn Standberry, Founder & President of International Prolife Federation, Roosevelt University Alumni-Chicago/Southside Chapter, CAN-TV Producer My home address is 9132 South Dobson Avenue, Chicago, IL 60619 My home number is 773-336-5334, my primary number cell is 773-606-9264

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