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InterConnection is one of the first nonprofit organizations to offer Internet technology and training to underdeveloped communities around the world. Many communities in the world do not have the resources or knowledge to access the Internet. By ensuring that these communities have access to the Internet, InterConnection helps bridge the ever increasing technology gap between developed and under developed countries. This empowers communities and advances global sustainability.

InterConnection brings organizations into the online world by:

* Donating volunteer-created Web sites for selected community projects and nonprofit / non-governmental organizations that are unable to obtain this service for themselves.

* Providing new and refurbished computers and Internet software to organizations that benefit underdeveloped communities.

* Teaching communities to use computer equipment, access the internet and help promote their products and services online. It will help bridge the ever-increasing technology gap between developed and under developed countries. It will create a connection between isolated rural communities and the outside world and facilitate a two-way flow of information and expertise. It will empower communities and advance global sustainability.

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