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Petitioning Premier Christy Clark, Technology, Innovation and Citizens’ Services Minister Amrik Virk, Opposition leader John Horgan, Andrew Weaver, Vicki Huntington

Disable the delete button and more, Premier Clark

In the wake of BC Information and Privacy Commissioner Elizabeth Denham's report Access Denied: Record Retention and Disposal Practices of the Government of British Columbia – which identified major deficiencies in the access to information practices of two government ministries and the premier's office – we call on the BC government to immediately implement all 11 of Ms. Denham's recommendations without further delay. These include: 1. configure the settings in Microsoft Outlook to stop government employees from permanently deleting emails; 2. amend the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act to create a legislative duty to document as a clear indication that your government does not endorse “oral government” and that it is committed to be accountable to citizens by creating an accurate record of its key decisions and actions; 3. legislate independent oversight of information management requirements, such as the destruction of records, including sanctions when those requirements are not met; 4. develop a comprehensive government policy for all future data migrations that requires at a minimum: hourly, daily and monthly backup of data; and 5. establish clear guidance for employees on how to conduct a thorough search for potentially responsive records to an access request.  

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Petitioning Christy Clark, Mike de Jong

Scrap MSP premiums and start restoring integrity to BC's tax system

In BC, an individual earning $30,000 a year pays $72.00 in MSP premiums every month. In Ontario, you'd need to earn more than $200,000 a year to pay the same amount under that province’s healthcare tax, which is tied to personal income. Under the current MSP rate structure, a family of three or more earning an adjusted net income of $30,000 will see more than five per cent of their family budget going to pay for MSP. That's not right. It's time for BC to scrap MSP premiums. Personal income tax rates should be adjusted to ensure that the measure is revenue neutral on public finances. Alberta stopped billing its citizens for health care. And it's time for BC to follow suit. PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION ONLY IF YOU ARE A BC RESIDENT.      

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Petitioning Christy Clark

Hands off BC's Agricultural Land Commission

Note: This petition was started in 2014 and will remain open until victory can be declared. Madam Premier: During last year's provincial election campaign, the BC Liberal party did not campaign on plans to modify or scrap the Agricultural Land Commission. Search the party's platform for Agricultural Land Commission and the result is clear: “no match found.” Your party's response to a specific question on the Agricultural Land Commission (posed by Metro Vancouver) during the campaign didn't even hint at the plans now under consideration by your government. You have no mandate to make the changes that were detailed in cabinet documents released – not by your government but by the Globe and Mail – and we ask that you immediately withdraw them from consideration.

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