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Our primary goal is to enable people to control their own lives by having freedom, equality, and obtain total accessibility of all places. INNERSIGHT Means FREEDOM Advocates for the Disabled.

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DISABLED PEOPLE DENIED SERVICE DOGS SHOULD BE ENTITLED TO FAIR HEARINGSUnfortunately, when a disabled person applies to a Service Dog School they are not guaranteed a service dog. Service Dog Schools upon rejecting a disabled individual they do not provide you with a third party impartial fair hearing, because it is not required by law! Also, the money fund raised on behalf of the disabled person is kept by the school, which is approximately $50,000 to $75,000. By the way, they have even gone as far as to deny service dogs' medical treatment, which is supposed to be free through a grant at The Animal Medical Center in New York City. Even a criminal is given a trail by a jury of peers, but not a disabled person denied their eyes, ears, limbs and mental well-being in the form of a service dog!A service dog can mean the difference between life and death for many disabled individuals. The money is available to help with service dogs; however the disabled do not have control over the funding. Therefore if we are denied the service animal, we are left without the funding raised to obtain the service dog. The organization that provides the service dog should be obligated to fund the total cost of the service dog.  As to our knowledge, there are no states that have a law to protect a disabled person who is denied a service dog.  Hence, if a person wants to train the dog by themselves there is no money for training and veterinarian costs. This petition helps the public, because it is significantly less to train a service dog by yourself or even hire a private trainer. It also appeals to all animal lovers since physically challenged persons will have the opportunity to rescue a dog from certain death. These animals will be evaluated, trained, and loved.INNERSIGHT, Inc. would like this petition to be amended to included justice for all minorities along with the disabled.

436 supporters