Inglewood Wildlands Development Society

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The Inglewood Wildlands Development Society (IWDS), a non-profit organization, was formed in 1995. An elected Board of Directors continues its role in the ongoing development of the wildlands in partnership with Suncor and the City of Calgary. The IWDS is a sub-committee of the Inglewood Community Association. VISION: To create a safe, vibrant and well used recreational, educational and enjoyment natural public space with an interpretation theme of industrial reclamation and remediation tied into the history of oil and gas in Calgary. STEWARDSHIP: The IWDS will maintain stewardship of the Wildlands and the ongoing balance between the desire of public use and natural environments. DEVELOPMENT: The IWDS will continue the ongoing development of the wildlands in partnership with the City of Calgary and Suncor. TELLING THE STORY: The IWDS will foster educational opportunities readily available in the making of the wildlands, teach its natural history, industrialization, citizen/industry/government partnering, people involvement and the reclamation process. PARTNERSHIP: The IWDS will further expand its function and will seek new partners, from individuals and organizations, representing a broad spectrum of support, vested interests and membership growth. FOUNDING PRINCIPLES: The IWDS will play a leading role in providing direction in compliance with the original lease agreement and the founding intent and principles. The society will respond to new issues/problems; to formulate new principles and practices as they arise.

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