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    WICKLOW TD & MINISTER FOR HEALTH SIMON HARRIS SEEKS TO MANDATE MEDICAL INTERVENTIONS FOR OUR CHILDREN As local constituents, we wish to express our deep misgivings at the announcement that our local TD has written to the Attorney General with a view to paving the way for mandating vaccines in Ireland, in order for children to access creches and schools. This is not a pro- or anti-vaccination issue; it is about preserving the fundamental human right to medical freedom. We have numerous concerns about this grave overreach of public healthcare: 1.     Bodily integrity and the right to choose. No ‘greater good’ argument supersedes the integrity of this principle. It is shocking to us Mr Harris that you would espouse medical coercion as a means to increase vaccine uptake rates, especially given your own pro-choice stance. This is not an a la carte principle. 2.     Vaccine safety. To pose a threat of forced medical intervention is especially reckless given the current climate for vaccine-safety. The ever-increasing vaccine schedule (34 doses of 15 vaccines in the first 13 months of life) has never been tested synergistically for safety, and all safety trials are short-term, non-blind, non-inert-placebo tested, non-randomised. Carcinogenic, mutagenic or fertility effects have never been tested for (the latter is categorised as unethical despite the routine vaccination of women in pregnancy). We believe your move to mandate in such an environment calls into question your concern for public health over commitment to industry, and that you must be answerable on the above concerns. 3.     Medical objection and lack of recognition of and provision for families affected by vaccine-injury. There is no ‘one size fits all’ system of medicine, and risks, however small, must be recognised. That is the basis for informed consent, enshrined in human rights’ law. The evidence increasingly shows that there is a subset of children with genetic disposition to harm from vaccines – among our group are families of such vulnerable children. Continued denial at public health level of their existence is unethical, misled and harmful. 4.     Philosophical, ethical or religious objection. For differing reasons, some do not wish for their children to be injected with substances cultured on human diploid cells from an aborted foetus – in the case of rubella vaccine, which contains DNA fragments from this source. No vaccine has ever been tested for mutagenic effects. 5.     The shortfall of ‘herd immunity’ theory. Blaming measles outbreaks on unvaccinated children is over simplistic and non-evidence-based. Unlike natural immunity, vaccine immunity is known to wane, leaving adults re-exposed (secondary failure). Added to this, in up to 10% of cases, vaccines fail to provoke an immune response (primary failure). We also note that measles outbreaks, which occur in the vaccinated as well as the unvaccinated, can be caused from MMR vaccination. Of the 194 measles virus sequences obtained in the US in 2015, 73 were identified as vaccine sequences.[1]We also note that to date in 2019 in Ireland, per HSE stats, there are 25 confirmed cases of measles. This time in 2018, there were 47. We are at a loss to understand why almost half the number of measles cases this year compared to last year has led to your declaration of increased risk to children, when this is patently not the case. We would like your immediate assurance that your ad hoc move to mandate medical interventions for our children – which we view as a smokescreen to hide the very real, substantial and life-endangering crises plaguing our unfit healthcare system – will never come to pass. Your stance on mandating medical interventions will directly impact our voting decisions into the future. Yours sincerely The undersigned [1]  

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    Ireland Against Mandatory Medical Interventions

    IRELAND’S MINISTER FOR HEALTH SIMON HARRIS SEEKS TO MANDATE MEDICAL INTERVENTIONS FOR THE CHILDREN OF IRELAND INFORMED CONSENT IRELAND COALITION is an action group representing parents and individuals who stand united against this unconstitutional proposal that violates the human right to informed consent and freedom from medical coercion. WE DO NOT CONSENT. #MyChildMyChoice #NoMedicalMandates #SafeVaccines Constitutional Right to Bodily IntegrityBodily integrity is a fundamental right under the Irish Constitution, which assures your entitlement not to have your body or person interfered with. This means that the State may not do anything to harm your life or health.[1] The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union also states: ‘Free and informed consent must be respected in the fields of medicine and biology.’[2] Like all medicines, the medical intervention proposed – vaccination – carries risks and has the potential to harm your life or health. Mandatory vaccination policy would breach your fundamental personal rights. As Professor in Global Health and vaccine expert Christine Stabell Benn, who strongly opposes mandatory vaccination, stated recently in a letter to The Times: ‘we do not know the full effects of vaccines on overall health. It should therefore be a human right to weigh pros, cons and unknowns and make one’s own decision.’ There is no ‘one size fits all’ system of medicine – only individualised care. WHERE THERE IS RISK, THERE MUST BE CHOICE. Constitutional Right to EducationArticle 42 of the Irish Constitution ensures every child’s inalienable right to a free education. Minister for Health Simon Harris seeks to deny this constitutional right, in banning healthy, unvaccinated children from school, violating the human rights of families with medical, religious, philosophical or ethical objections to vaccines. INFORMED CONSENT IRELAND COALITION demands that Minister for Health Simon Harris immediately cease this unconstitutional move to implement mandatory vaccine policy for the citizens of Ireland. We ask Minister for Health Simon Harris to ensure: 1. That no medical intervention can ever be mandated in Ireland, in accordance with the human rights enshrined in our constitution outlined above, along with those enshrined in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Nuremberg Code. 2. That a mandatory Irish Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting (IVAER) surveillance system be established with immediate effect, to actively and appropriately monitor vaccine safety. 3. That the pharmaceutical industry be made liable from harms as a result of vaccines. We are deeply concerned at the current environment in the US – the seat of the global vaccine industry – of government indemnity for vaccine makers, since industry threatened to withdraw from vaccine manufacture in the mid-1980s due to the growing number of vaccine-injury lawsuits. This industry ‘free-ride’ has contributed significantly to the development of a sub-optimal safety trial environment (more below). During this time, the vaccine schedule has also more than doubled. 4. That the Minister and policymakers cease using the divisive and demonising term ‘anti-vaxxers’ to describe any person with rational concerns for vaccine safety, including families affected by vaccine injury; and abandon their Trump-esque recourse to describing as ‘fake news’ any informed discussion that seeks to better understand the mechanisms of vaccines and the for-profit industry surrounding them. The only way forward is for a mature and rational conversation.OUR CONCERNS: 1. Vaccines are not tested for safety against inert placebos. Instead of using a saline placebo – the pharmaceutical industry Gold Standard – vaccine trials use ‘active’ placebos: vaccine ingredients including ‘adjuvants’ such as the neurotoxic metal aluminium, which are designed to stimulate an immune response, or other vaccines. This is not acceptable as an optimal environment to assess the effects of vaccines being trialed. Without a true controlled comparator, trials cannot properly reveal the safety profile of a vaccine coming to market. 2. The question of liability for damage. Would parents be satisfied to know that their baby's car seat manufacturer is liability-free in the event that your child is harmed as a result of a poorly manufactured product? Yet universally this is largely the case with vaccines – governments accept responsibility when injury occurs.[3] We believe that this, combined with a lower safety-trial standard applied to vaccines compared to all other drugs coming to market, creates the ground for substandard safety practices. Consider a situation of mandatory vaccination in light of the swine flu vaccine Pandemrix. Brought rapidly to market by the HSE under false pretenses – in an atmosphere of gross scaremongering around a ‘pandemic’ that never emerged – it had not undergone the safety testing claimed by the HSE, and known safety signals were actively ignored. A contract worth €80 million was signed by the HSE, who indemnified the makers, and with overstocks in danger of never being used, it continued to be pushed after it was known to cause narcolepsy in children. Families harmed are now being forced through an adversarial legal battle with the Irish State while the manufacturers get a free pass.[4] Do you trust the same healthcare authority that has been at the root of so many scandals to have your best interests at heart when the next pandemic is flagged? Imagine this in a climate of mandated vaccination. 3. No greater good is served by the persecution of an unknown vulnerable group. The argument for the greater good is based on the protection of a vulnerable sub group who can't be vaccinated due to immuno-compromise. However, mandating vaccines exposes another vulnerable sub group to potentially severe harms: those with a predisposition to vaccine injury due to mitochondrial disorders or an underlying genetic defect or polymorphism.Until these children are identified and protected, no greater good argument is valid. 4. The Irish vaccine schedule has never been tested for safety.Irish children who undergo the standard vaccine schedule now receive 32 doses of 14 vaccines in the first 13 months of life, not including the mother’s pregnancy vaccines. These vaccines have never been tested for 'synergistic' effects i.e. collectively. Moreover, this schedule contains 4685mcg of the neurotoxic heavy metal aluminium, along with a host of chemicals and human and animal DNA. The toxicology profile for aluminium sets the per dose limit at no greater than 0.85mg per vaccine dose.[5] However, it does not specify how many doses can be given simultaneously. At two months, an infant receives 1.445mg of aluminium in combined vaccines in one GP visit. 5. It is deemed unethical to test vaccines in pregnancy. How then is it deemed ethical to give them? Vaccines have never been tested for mutagenic (genetic) or carcinogenic effects, on fertility, or in pregnancy. Is that a satisfactory assurance of safety? 6. Mandating vaccines means handing over your parental authority to the State to decide what is best for your child's health. Yet you the parent are the one left to pick up the pieces when your child ends up as the 'collateral damage' of vaccine injury. A Harvard study, sponsored by the US Centre for Disease Control (CDC), found that as little as 1% of vaccine injuries get reported. Since 1989 in the US, over $4 billion has been paid out in vaccine damages by the federal ‘vaccine court’, including long-term disability and death.[6] 7. The basis for mandating appears to be that unvaccinated individuals are a threat to the vaccinated with regard to measles. We note that this does not account for those for whom vaccines fail to provoke an immune response (primary failure); or those for whom immunity wanes (secondary failure – constituting a significant part of the adult population, not to mention the broad adult population who never received most of the currently scheduled vaccines yet are considered 'fully vaccinated'). We note that desired herd immunity rates of 95% are impossible given these realities. In this context, the attempt to blame the spread of measles on the unvaccinated is at odds with the facts, as it does not get to grips with the more complex reality at hand. We also note that measles outbreaks, which occur in the vaccinated as well as the unvaccinated, can be caused from measles vaccination. Of the 194 measles virus sequences obtained in the US in 2015, 73 were identified as vaccine sequences.[7] In Ireland, recent MMR vaccinees presenting with measles are not tested for vaccine-strain measles. Our statistics cannot therefore give an accurate reflection of wild vs vaccine-strain cases occurring today. 8. Freedom from medical coercion is a fundamental human right, as is the right to education. What is handed over is not easily won back. NO TO VACCINE MANDATESNO TO VACCINE DEBATE CENSORSHIPNO TO SEGREGATION BASED ON MEDICAL STATUSNO TO PERSECUTION OF THOSE WHO ASK QUESTIONS OF VACCINE SAFETY YES TO SAFER VACCINE SCIENCEYES TO CHOICE AND BODILY INTEGRITYYES TO INDUSTRY LIABILITY FOR DAMAGEYES TO THE HIGHEST STANDARD OF VACCINE SAFETY FOR OUR CHILREN For many who research widely, the safety and regulation of vaccines is nowhere near tight enough to make it ethical or moral to call for the mandating of these products. IF YOU DISAGREE WITH MANDATORY MEDICAL INTERVENTIONS PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION [1] [2] Article 3, page 9 [3] Bruesewitz v. Wyeth LLC, 131 S. Ct. 1068, 179 L.Ed.2d 1 (2011), [4] [5] [6] [7]  

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