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Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) is the nation's first and largest group dedicated to improving the lives of new veterans and their families.

Through innovative health, education, advocacy and community programs, IAVA strives to create a country which honors and supports its newest generation of vets and their loved ones.

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Petitioning Republican National Committee

Urge DNC and RNC to Focus Presidential Candidates on Military and Veterans Issues

As America marks 14 years of war in Afghanistan and new threats in Iraq, Syria and beyond, the 2.8 million veterans who served in the Middle East are still waiting to be heard by the 2016 presidential candidates. During the first two GOP debates, veterans were mentioned in a few throw-away lines, while questions about the candidates' personal appearances took center stage. As the DNC debates kick off, the post-9/11 veteran community will no longer stand on the sidelines while our issues are ignored. Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) members call on presidential candidates from both parties to tell veterans how they plan to address the critical issues they face every day. Important issues -- such as mental health care, how to transform the VA into a 21st Century organization, protecting the Post-9/11 GI Bill, and improving women’s health care at VA facilities -- need to be addressed. Please join IAVA in urging the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Republican National Committee (RNC) to dedicate an upcoming Presidential Debate to veterans and military issues. IAVA believes that in doing so, the American people will better understand how each candidate will take care of those who have served the highest calling in our nation. Those seeking our nation’s highest office must show both their credentials for serving as Commander in Chief of the world’s strongest military force, and their commitment to leading those in need after they come home. Unfortunately, so far, neither party's candidates have put forth policy platforms or plans of actions for veterans. They can and they must do better. Use the power of your voice and sign IAVA’s petition calling for the DNC and RNC to hold military and veteran focused debates and show the candidates that Americans, veterans and civilians alike will not stand on the sidelines while our men and women who served are ignored.

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America
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Petitioning U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate

Support Veteran Patients: Hold Negligent VA Staff Accountable

One year ago this summer, America woke up to learn that a sacred trust between our government and its war veterans had been shattered. Reports of secret VA wait lists, whistleblower retaliations and veteran patients dying while waiting to see a doctor rocked the country and its veterans.  While most Americans have since moved on, the wounds are still raw within the veteran community. What’s worse is that few VA employees have been held accountable for their negligence. Not only has no one gone to jail, only two employees have been fired over their role in the VA scandal.  IAVA members depend on quality and timely VA health care. Yet, in too many cases VA still drops the ball. When Iraq war veteran and IAVA staff member Chris Neiweem made an appointment at Washington, D.C.'s VA Hospital, he was told he could not see a doctor for nearly 60 days. And we know many veterans are forced to wait longer.  VA must redouble its efforts to get health care access issues fixed, ensure current employees are trained in the latest procedures, and remove those who are unwilling to provide quality care. The fact is: true VA reform is not possible while negligent bureaucrats remain on the public payroll. Sign IAVA’s petition calling for Congress to help hold VA employees accountable.   In June 2014, IAVA called on President Obama and Congress to execute a new Marshall Plan for Veterans: a bold, comprehensive effort to restore confidence in the VA. As part of that plan, IAVA called for full criminal investigations for those bad actors who ruined the reputation of the VA and harmed its veteran patients.  Those who have violated America’s sacred trust with our veterans must be rooted out nationwide and held accountable, which is why IAVA supports legislation to give VA the tools to hold negligent bureaucrats accountable and cleanse them from the VA workforce. VA Secretary McDonald needs the authority to remove any VA employee based on performance or misconduct, and protect whistleblowers who expose mismanagement within the Department.  Please sign IAVA’s petition calling on Congress to support veterans by holding VA employees accountable for their actions.  Our veterans fought for this country. They shouldn’t need to fight for accountability at the VA.

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America
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