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India Against Corruption Pune (IAC PUNE) is a part of the nationwide India Against Corruption movement. India Against Corruption (IAC) movement is an expression of collective anger of people of India. We have all come together to force/request/persuade/pressurize the Government on Corruption related issues. The movement is supported by people from all over the country and also abroad. India Against Corruption - Pune (IAC Pune) is a contact point for the Puneities who want to get associated with the nationwide India Against Corruption (IAC) Movement. IAC Pune was formed by concerned Puneities from all spheres and profession who have come together to fight corruption in India. IAC Pune is a VOLUNTARY entity. We aim at mobilizing INDIANS for the cause. Anybody is FREE to JOIN and be a part of this historic movement. NO REGISTRATION FEES. NO MEMBERSHIP procedures.

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