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Petitioning David S Caan

STOP Beauty company from using PALM OIL in their products

The orangutans forest home continues to be destroyed to clear the way for palm oil - an ingredient used to make countless household products from skincare to cosmetics to even chocolate and ice-cream. Orangutan populations are left fragmented and isolated as roads and plantations divide up the forest. This makes them easy targets for poaching and sold into the illegal pet trade, and causes fatal conflicts with local communities when the stranded and starving apes are forced to resort to raiding crops. The Sumatran orangutan is now listed as critically endangered with only about 7,500 remaining in the world. The Bornean orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus) is now endangered, with populations in sharp decline also due to habitat destruction for palm oil production and illegal hunting, the IUCN has declared. Bornean orangutans populations have declined by 60 percent since 1950.   "The rainforest is being cut down at alarming rates, and orangutans are losing their habitats and are being killed, as a result, faster than we can save them, but there is a solution. In Borneo, small parcels of rainforest land can be a lifeline for orangutans so long as they link together protected forests, enabling animals to move safely over greater distances." - Katie Cleary      Today a whopping 24% of palm oil is used in consumer goods including skincare and cosmetics. Worldwide demand for palm oil has increased sharply over the last few years. With 54 million tons in 2011, it is the most widely produced vegetable oil worldwide. It has the highest yield of any oil crop and is the cheapest vegetable oil to produce and refine. The Production of palm oil is synonymous with the destruction of rain-forests which are cut down and burned to make way for commercially grown Palms as well as causing the deaths of countless endangered and critically endangered Animals. The orangutan continues to be the greatest victim to palm oil production and cultivation with their numbers radically reclining year after year.  Today countless sources suggested that up to 300 football fields of forest are cleared every hour to make way for Palm oil production to feed the worlds demand. Want to do more? Here are a few things you can do to eliminate and reduce your contribution to the Multi-Billion dollar Palm oil industry: 1. Tell others about the problem.2. Call on your political representatives to advocate the mandatory labeling of palm oil.3. Do not buy products containing palm oil (for example, by referring to this list of palm-oil-free products), but make sure that your boycott sends a clear message by letting manufacturers and your elected representatives know why you are not buying them.4. Demand transparency about the sources of palm oil in all consumer products. Only a few manufacturers – mostly in the organic sector – label their products as containing palm oil and palm fat. Most companies disguise it, referring to it as “vegetable oils and fats”. other English and latin terms for palm oil Likely to be palm oil Palm oil kernel Vegetable oil (if the product contains saturated fats, it's most likely palm oil) Palmitate / palmate Ingredient lists containing “stearate, stearyl” Elaeis gunieensis Ingredient lists containing the words “cetyl, cetearyl” Hydrated palm ­gylcerides hexadecanoic Sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), sodium laureth sulphate, sodium dodecyl sulphate, (SDS or NaDS) sodium Palmitic acid Calcium stearoyl lactylate steareth -2, steareth -20 emulsifier 422, 430-36, 465-67, 470-8, 481-483   Please sign and share this petition to spread the word and inform others on how they too can help.   

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Petitioning Donald J. Trump

Ban trophy hunters from importing Elephant parts into the United States

A ban set in 2014 which prevented trophy hunters from bringing elephant body parts into the United States has been reversed, this reversal will allow big game hunters to import their slain victims body parts into the US from Zimbabwe and Zambia. The bans purpose was to reduce the death toll on an already threatened Animal under the US Endangered Species Act (ESA). In the last 100 years Global elephant numbers have declined from over 10 Million to as little as 400,000 and are dying at a rate of 1 every 15 minutes. Elephant numbers are declining at a greater rate than they reproduce with experts estimating they could go extinct from the wild within as little as 50 years, therefore allowing trophy hunters to kill a declining species is only going to cause unnecessary devastation to the African elephants population and their chances of survival.  In the last decade alone elephant numbers have dropped by 30%, allowing the importation of elephant body parts into the country is directly promoting wildlife decimation not Protection. Furthermore, Africa's animals belong in Africa, not on American walls!  We will remain proactive and use our voice to make it known that we do not condone this propoposition and do not want a reversal of a ban that was put in place to protect this declining species.   Please sign this petition, it may only take a few seconds but could mean an Elephant somewhere will get to live out the remainder of its life.   Like and Follow us on facebook and twitter to Stay up to date with this campaign and our other efforts towards helping Animals with future campaigns.

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Petitioning Mariano Rajoy

Outlaw the killing and wounding of bulls in Bullfighting

Recently, we witnessed the Balearic Islands pass strict regulation on bullfighting making it illegal to force bulls into "performing" for more than 10 minutes or to use sharp implements and horses in a bullring. This decision was not only a major step forward but also a new found hope that these regulations could also be adopted in other parts of the world where bulls are slowly tortured, psychologically tormented and finally killed in the name of entertainment, especially Nations who have been extremely reluctant into outlawing bullfighting completely.   To His Excellency Mariano Rajoy Brey: We respectfully write to you requesting for a nationwide ban on the killing and wounding of bulls in bullfights. Throughout the years Bullfighting has proven to be a deadly and cruel spectacle not only for the thousands of bulls killed each year but also for the horses and people involved. Spain is a nation immersed with culture and history which attracts millions of tourists each year. International and National condemnation of this deadly spectacle continues to grow, with a recent poll that showed a significant percentage (79%) of Spanish citizens opposed bullfighting with the majority being 16-24 year olds.    For anyone planning on visiting Countries that host bullfighting Please write to these embassies and explain that as long as this cruelty and killing continues, you will never visit these countries. Embassy of Spain2375 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W.Washington, DC Embassy of Mexico1911 Pennsylvania Ave.Washington, DC Embassy of France4101 Reservoir Rd. N.W.Washington, DC  Like and Follow us on facebook and twitter to Stay up to date with this campaign and to help us with our efforts towards helping more Animals with future campaigns.

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Petitioning chinese Minister of Agriculture

End the Yulin Dog and Cat meat festival

We at the International Society for Animal Rights are dedicated to end the dog and cat meat trade in the Guangxi Province of Yulin, China. This infamous region is responsible for the highest number of dogs and cats killed Annualy for the "Yulin dog meat and lychee Festival". Support us as we work towards putting an end to this cruel "Festival" and bringing positive change for the helpless Cats and Dogs of China.  Dear. Ambassador and Governor of the Peoples Republic of China; We, the people of the world have witnessed the lack of compassion and cruelty inflicted upon the helpless Cats and dogs in Yulin, Guangxi Province. We strongly and respectfully urge you, the Chinese government to end the suffering of the tens of thousands of Cats and Dogs who are being brutally killed at this festival Annually. China is a prosperous and forward moving country where tens of Millions of your own compassionate and devoted citizens have taken a stand against the dog and cat meat trade as well as Animal cruelty all together. You can win the hearts and minds of your Citizens and the citizens off the world by making a change that will move your nation further forward by establishing and passing legislation that will bring Animal protection laws into motion and making it a criminal and punishable offence to anyone who is found guilty of Cruel treatment, Confinement, Abuse, Neglect, Slaughter and any other form of Animal abuse.    "All beings tremble before Violence, All fear death, all love life. See yourself in others then whom can you harm? What harm can you do?" - BUDDHA-    THE YULIN FESTIVAL: The Yulin Festival, also known as the Yulin dog meat and lychee festival is a brutal occurrence that has taken place every year since 2010. The sheer brutality that takes place every July for an entire month has outraged the world with millions of people all over the world taking a stand against this cruel and evil "Festival" including 10 Million Chinese Citizens who are disgusted and appalled at the atrocities that take place in Yulin. Change is at hand as the next generation of Chinese animal lovers are viewing dogs and cats as companions, rightfully. Each year 10,000 to 50,000 Dogs and Cats are sold and brutally killed at the Yulin festival, some of the methods used to kill these innocent and helpless animals range from violent beatings over the head to being thrown alive into a pot of boiling hot water, other cruel methods that have surfaces have even seen conscious cats and dogs being burned alive with a blowtorch. The fear and helplessness felt by these innocent cats and dogs goes further as it is believed fear makes their meat taste better, this sick and sadistic belief means many dogs are bludgeoned and killed in front of other dogs to incite and trigger fear. Unfortunately, morals and compassion are not prevalent amongst dog meat traders as many have and continue to steal beloved pets from their owners to fuel the ever growing demand for dog and cat meat at this cruel and barbaric "Festival". Animal rights and protection laws are practically non-existent in China and that is one of the toughest hurdles we face as we try to end Animal cruelty in a country where there are no repercussions for harming, Abusing and killing Animals. Like us on facebook to Stay up to date with this campaign and to help us with our efforts towards helping more Animals with future campaigns.  

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Petitioning Mr. Gregory Paulger

Ban the use of horses in Bullfighting

The torment, abuse and killing of animals for amusement or "entertainment" will never be acceptable and is sure to leave a terrible legacy for Spains future. The entire world is watching, waiting and hoping that the right decision will be made by banning the use of these innocent and loyal horses from being used in bullfighting. You can Win the admiration and hearts of citizens in your country who are strongly opposed to bullfighting as well as the admiration of citizens around the globe who are equally opposed to this cruel "Sport" by considering banning Bullfighting all together. Spain is considered a modern and laudable Nation with a wealth of treasures including art, architecture, music, natural beauty, culture, and people from all over the world enjoy visiting Spain to experience its rich heritage. “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”  - Mahatma Gandhi   HORSES USED IN BULLFIGHTING: Old horses who have surpassed their working life are being sold and used in bullfighting!! Their vocal cords are mutilated to render them voiceless so they cannot scream in fear when the bull approaches or from the pain of being attacked, this mutilation also ensures the crowd does not Feel sympathetic towards the horse. Prior to the Bullfight, the horses are blindfolded and their ears and nostrils are typically compacted with Vaseline and cotton buds to deprive them of their senses which prevents them from panicking when the bull charges. Once the horse is ready the Picador rides them into the arena where the now unsuspecting and defenceless horse becomes an easy target for the enraged bull who is being provoked and stabbed in the neck by the Picador who uses a long sharp lance. These horses are often gored even though they are protected by what is termed a “peto”, or a protective cape. These petos often do little more than hide the horses wounds. Furthermore these old horses are repaid for a lifetime of loyal service to Mankind by being forced against their will to participate in this cruel and life threatening Practice.  Should you ever find yourself in a country where bullfighting is practised, please do not be tempted to attend these sadistic displays. The continuation of bullfighting depends on government subsidies and the tourism industry. Don’t support bullfighting with your dollar.   Like us on facebook to Stay up to date with this campaign and to help us with our efforts towards helping more Animals with future campaigns.  

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