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Humane Society International: India (HSI India) is the Indian arm of Humane Society International, a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a better future for animals and people through advocacy, education and hands-on programmes. Be Cruelty-Free, HSI's campaign is the global campaign to end animal testing for cosmetics.We want to turn the whole world cruelty-free — a world where no animal has to suffer for the sake of cosmetics.

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Petitioning Shri Narendra Modi

Increase penalties for animal abuse!

Yet another animal treated mercilessly, yet another incident of inaction.  The country is up in arms against the cruel treatment of the dog by the medical students in Chennai. Yet, we will again fail to do justice to the dog. Why? Because India's animal protection law is as good as non - existent.This is because of the meagre penal provision that the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 provides. For a maximum of 50 rupees, the accused rather plead guilty, pay the fine and walk away.  This along with the recent spate of animal abuse that has come to light in the past year - be it the stabbing of dogs in Delhi, the cold-blooded murder of 8 puppies in Bangalore in front of the mother dog, the acid attack on a pony in Hyderabad or the killing of police service horse in Dehradun, has shocked the collective conscience of this Nation. The call for an effective deterrent in law has only grown louder. Several Members of Parliament have written to the Environment Ministry in the past 6 months, spoken about it in the parliament and submitted a private member bill yet the Government of India continues to turn a blind eye to the immense suffering of animalss. The present penalties for animal abuse is just ₹50. The law has not been amended since the year 1960. As you finish reading this petition and while you think of signing it and sharing it on social media, there would be another hundred thousand animals kicked, beaten, maimed, stabbed, burnt, hung and flung. Some would die and some would be rendered immobile for life. You can also be the voice of millions of voiceless defenseless animals, by signing this petition! We need your support to help us reach as many signatures as possible! Write to the Honourable Prime Minister of India and the Honourable Speaker of Lok Sabha so that they know that there are compassionate citizens of the country who care about animals. Now! 

Humane Society International: India
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Petitioning Shri Govind Singh Kunjwal (Speaker, Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly), HE Dr Krishan Kant Paul, Amit Shah

Suspend BJP MLA Ganesh Joshi for Animal Cruelty

On 14th March, 2016, in a political rally was conducted by BJP near the state assembly building in Uttarakhand. Allegedly a police force, including mounted police, was deployed at the site of protest. The BJP’s Mussoorie MLA Ganesh Joshi, reportedly participating in the protest against the state government, was said to turn violent and in attempts to dismount the police officer, charged at the police horse, Shaktimaan, with a lathi and reportedly beat him which caused him to tumble and break its leg. Shaktimaan is reported to be undergoing treatment at the district veterinary hospital, where he faces an amputation or maybe even euthanasia. Shaktimaan is said to have served in the police force for the past 7 years. The reward for his unwavering duty is permanent disability or death in his prime. Shaktimaan was targeted by Mr Joshi and his unidentified supporters for the sole purpose of dismounting the officer sitting astride him. It can be seen in the video below that Shaktimaan tried to back away and avoid the brutal lathicharge launched against him by Mr Joshi. In addition to this, Mr Joshi's supporters were seen punching Shaktimaan in the face and grabbing at him. Scared and traumatized due to the onslaught of the unruly mob, he tried to retreat but having no allowance to escape, he collapsed on his leg and broke it in multiple places. The constitution makes it the fundamental duty of every citizen of India to have and show compassion to all living creatures. Not only has Mr Joshi failed in his duty he has also committed serious offences under the Indian Penal Code, 1860 and the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. Such utter disregard for the Constitution, for law and order, and for life of a sentient being, is deplorable. No person purporting cruelty and violence should be representing the people of a country built on the foundation of non-violence and compassion. Join us in urging the Governor and the Speaker of Uttarakhand along with the President of BJP asking them to suspend Mr Ganesh Joshi from the Legislative Assembly and initiate such other disciplinary action as necessary.

Humane Society International: India
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Petitioning Dr Soumya Swaminathan

India: Replace animal resource facility with non-animal science centre

Humane Society International/India has learnt that the Indian Council of Medical Research plans to build a massive new 100-acre animal breeding facility in Hyderabad to supply tens of thousands of monkeys, beagle dogs and genetically engineered mice each year for laboratory testing.   The facility is said to be an investment in India’s medical research and drug development infrastructure -- but it’s really an investment in the past, not the future.  Statistics published by the US Food and Drug Administration and drug companies themselves reveal that animal test data translate to real-world human outcomes 0% - 8% of the time. That means that the vast majority of new drugs that appear safe and effective in dogs, rats or monkeys turn out to be unsafe and/or ineffective in people.  Each year this scenario wastes billions of scarce health care resources, millions of animal lives, and fails to effectively address pressing human health needs.   In the west, scientists and research funding agencies are increasingly recognizing the limitations of animal testing and research, and shifting their funding priorities toward modern, human-relevant approaches. For example, the United States and European Union are investing more than $100 million each year to develop sophisticated tools like ‘human on a chip’, robotic high-throughput In vitro testing platform, next generation computer modeling, etc.  It’s time for India to reach beyond animal testing. Please join us in calling on the Indian Council of Medical Research to direct its infrastructure investment toward new technologies that are more appropriate for understanding human disease, and thereby bring India to the global forefront of medical research. 

Humane Society International: India
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