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Humane Research Australia works professionally and ethically to develop community-wide awareness of animal experimentation; pursues all reasonable channels to eliminate such experimentation and champions the benefits of realistic, scientifically effective alternatives to all forms of animal usage in research and teaching.

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Petitioning Greg Hunt, NHMRC

I am not a lab tool. Fund non-animal methods of research - not cruel animal experiments

Around 9 million animals are used in research and teaching every year in Australia. Despite our supposed commitment to the 3Rs principle of Replace, Reduce and Refine, Australia has made very little progress in replacing animals in research - as illustrated by the vast numbers of animals used each year (Australia has been cited as the fourth highest user[1]) - and with growing concern within the research community that flawed animal studies are contributing significantly to failures in translational research[2] - this is an area that requires urgent attention. The use of animals in research is, according to the code[3], for cases where no alternative exists, but alternatives will never exist without support for the development of non-animal based scientific testing. Australian researchers therefore need dedicated funds earmarked specifically for the development of non-animal methods of research – as occurs in other nations. A move away from animal experiments to human-relevant methods of research will not only spare millions of animals from life in a laboratory - it will also mean that research data will be directly applicable to humans and therefore more likely to result in genuine cures. [1] Taylor K et al. (2008) Estimates for worldwide laboratory animal use in 2005. Altern Lab Anim 36:327-42.[2][3] Australian code for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes 8th edition (2013)

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Petitioning Gladys Berejiklian, Gladys Berejiklian, Steven Marshall , Daniel Andrews, Annastacia Palaszczuk, Peter Gutwein, Michael Gunner, Mark McGowan, Andrew Barr

Demand an End to Dog Experiments in Australia

According to the latest available statistics, over 11,000 dogs were used for research and teaching purposes in Australia in just one year.The limited information available on animals used for research does not specify what breeds of dogs are used, but published research papers indicate that greyhounds and beagles are often used - beagles because of their friendly, docile temperaments, and greyhounds because of their 'availability' when of no further use to the racing industry.Dogs are used in Australian laboratories for toxicity testing, infection inducement, aversive stimuli behavioural testing, and more. Humane Research Australia has also exposed the use of beagles for pharmaceutical drug testing, and the use of greyhounds in brain experiments, heart surgery experiments (where heart failure is induced to test blood pump devices, blood flow devices are tested, or circulatory death is induced to test heart preservation devices for transplantation), dental surgery experiments, terminal blood donation experiments, and others.Humane Research Australia is opposed to the use of all animals in research and teaching on both ethical and scientific grounds. The use of greyhounds however, is of particular concern when we consider they are discarded from another unethical and very cruel industry.Dogs are not simply laboratory 'tools' for researchers to use at their leisure. These experiments are unethical, unreliable, and unnecessary. Australian researchers should be utilising a battery of advanced human biology-based methods of research in order for results to be directly relevant to human health outcomes - not subjecting dogs to needless suffering and death.Join Humane Research Australia in urging Australian State and Territory Governments to immediately ban the use of dogs in experiments by signing the petition!

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