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We are dedicated to freeing refugees and people who are stateless from immigration detention. There is no right to legal representation in Australia and we aim to fill that gap. Our focus is to ensure basic human rights and humanitarian treatment for refugees and the stateless.

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Petitioning Karen Andrews, Alex Hawke

Don’t let him die. Give asylum seeker medical care and release him to recover.

Hector* is an asylum seeker in immigration detention. He’s "weeks from death" but remains in Australian detention, despite UN letter compelling Australian Border Force to provide him with urgent medical care and to consider his release. Hector has been in immigration detention since 2013 and has lost at least 25kg in the past year, dropping from a weight of 70kg. I have been told that Hector has weeks, not months, to live … he is starving to death. The dangerous weight loss Hector is experiencing is just one of the symptoms of his illness, but the government seem determined to categorise it as a protest. This is manifestly dangerous and the UN has now asked the Australian government to give my client the urgent medical care he needs to save his life, and to consider release. Hector is currently psychosocially disabled. To put it plainly, he is starving to death. He requires urgent medical assessment. I have pleaded for him to be listened to while he still had capacity. I am now doing the pleading on his behalf but we have both largely been ignored. I feel Hector is being let down by the Australian Government, including those from the medical profession involved in this man's "care" and regulatory bodies. Not a single entity with real power has stepped forward to assist him. Please, sign and share this petition. Hector cannot be left to die in this way. There is still time, but that time is running out. #FreeHector Alison BattissonDirector Principal, Human Rights For All Read more about Hector here. *Name changed to protect privacy

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Petitioning Karen Andrews, Alex Hawke

#Freedom4Ali. Free my LGBTIQ friend from Australian immigration prison

My friend, Ali * has been held in immigration detention for EIGHT years.  While that is soul-destroying in itself, what has also worn him down is the constant battle to hide his true identity, just to survive. Ali is LGBTIQ, and because of this, he feels just as unsafe in detention as he was in his country of origin.  That’s why I am pleading for him to be released. To come out as someone who is LGBTIQ in a place like immigration detention comes with the risk of assault, harassment, or worse.  LGBTIQ people are often shunned in detention, and live in fear of being outed to their families, friends and communities.   Here is Ali's story, in his own words: I was born in the Middle East. My father died when I was young. My family became friends with the “Reza” family. We met playing street soccer. As a young adult, I began to realise that I was attracted to “Sayed Reza”. He was attracted tome as well. He was beautiful – inside and out. We started spending time together, but it had to be a secret because being gay is a criminal offence where I’m from. We would meet in abandoned buildings at night, where we could talk, hold hands, kiss and be intimate. We were together for about two years. I loved him, but we were scared every day. One day we were found together. We were terrified - Sayed went back to his house, and I started walking home. I never made it. Sayed’s male relatives attacked me. tried to fight back, but there were five against one. I ended up on the ground. I was stabbed with a knife in the back. The knife attack damaged my kidneys, and I had surgery as a result. I could have died. I think that’s what they wanted. After I was released from hospital, I hid at home. But the men who attacked me realised I was still alive. They got a militia involved, and my family started to receive threats. I hid at a relative’s house, who helped me leave my home country. It was the only way I could survive. Eventually, after many years of hiding in other countries, I escaped to Australia. I have never been home. I thought I would be safe in Australia, and I had family here I could stay with. But I was locked up. That was eight years ago. Last year, I sewed my lips together in desperation. In Australia’s immigration prisons I cannot be free. I cannot be who I am. Now the Immigration Minister has refused to even look at my refugee claim as a gay manfleeing life-threatening violence. After that my case manager said “There is nothing for you here, do you want to go back home?” I said, “I can’t go home, I’ll be killed.” “I want to live”. After Ali came out to his family, they disowned him.  His sister, however, who is in the Australian community, has accepted Ali and will support him if released.  Inside detention, Ali has no support, apart from when I was with him and his stalwart legal representative. To date, the Department of Home Affairs refuses to reopen Ali’s case. He sits in limbo, as he cannot be returned to his country of origin where he will face violence and persecution.   Will you join our call to demand that Karen Andrews, Alex Hawke and the Department of Home Affairs grant Ali a visa to save him from the risks he faces every day on Australian soil? Please, sign and share this petition and show Ali that he is not alone. From Ali’s friend, Thomas (name also changed to protect identity) #Freedom4Ali

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Petitioning Peter Dutton

Demand freedom for an Afghani interpreter who assisted the Allies

Assisting Allied troops and NGOs as a volunteer in Afghanistan was not likely to win him any awards, in a country ruled by a hierarchy deeply suspicious of Western influence. “Peter”, a caring teacher, husband and father, offered his services as an interpreter to international military personnel who used the nearby highway regularly as a thoroughfare.  Once his behaviour was noticed by the Taliban, he began to be targeted, and realising that his life may be at risk, he fled the country.   Upon Peter’s arrival in Australia, he was detained, but he was eventually found to be owed protection due to his work as an interpreter for Allied troops, and he was granted a visa and was released into the community.  Unfortunately, the bridging visa he received had no work rights, rendering him unable to support himself in Australia, or his family back home in Afghanistan – left as the head of the household back home, Peter’s wife struggled to take care of their young family.  Desperate, Peter blindly acted and committed a crime which would have him thrown back into detention.  Three and a half years later, Peter is still in detention in Australia, having had his visa revoked.   Currently, no deportations are taking place to anywhere, due to COVID-19.  Deportations back to Afghanistan are rare to non-existent, due to safety concerns, particularly for people of Peter’s tribal ethnicity.  Interpreters who have assisted Allied troops have been issued with protection visas in the past, which allow them to work and support themselves in Australia.  This is what Peter should have received in the first place. Peter is stuck in limbo.  He cannot support his family while in detention.  He cannot be sent back home.  He waits, not knowing if or when anything will change to relieve his anxiety about his family and their future.  He has been separated from them for over 7 years. Interpreters enabled Allied soldiers to protect themselves, to do their jobs and to help the Afghan people as they struggle under the oppression of the Taliban regime.  They should be regarded as heroes instead of being treated like criminals. Please sign and share to demand that Peter Dutton, Alan Tudge and the Departments of Immigration and Home Affairs release Peter on a protection visa that will allow him to support himself and to send funds home to help his family.  Please also think about donating to Human Rights for All, so we can continue our pro bono work for people like Peter.

Human Rights for All
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Petitioning Peter Dutton, Alan Tudge, Kristina Keneally, Jason Wood

Stop the spread of COVID-19 in immigration detention centres #SaferAtHome

The first case of COVID-19 (coronavirus) in connection with Australian-run immigration detention centres has been confirmed.  As an Australian lawyer familiar with how detention centres are run, I am incredibly worried for the health and safety of the people inside these centres, including my youngest client, 2 year old Isabella.  That’s why I’m calling for the release of these innocent people, before COVID-19 spreads through immigration detention centres.  Isabella has been in detention her entire life.  She is two years old, and has already had the flu less than a year ago.  Her parents are beside themselves with worry as to how to keep her safe from COVID-19.  There are others who are elderly or have compromised immune systems. Families across Australia are struggling with the ramifications of COVID-19.  The families of people in detention are no different.  We ask that these families are allowed to bring their loved ones home to see out the pandemic.  These people have safe and caring home environments willing to support them, either with a family member or advocate in Australia. Detention centres have already experienced periods of no or limited access to soap, toilet paper, and even cough syrup.  In an already difficult situation, this creates a situation which endangers the health of those detained and also the workers in these centres.  These workers then go home to their loved ones and places those families at risk. There is a simple solution to this emerging and potentially life-threatening situation: send these people to homes in Australia. Those without immediate families have advocates in the community who will support them.   Politics has no place in dealing with a global pandemic. Please, sign and share this petition and stand with these vulnerable and voiceless families.  #SaferAtHome

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