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Petitioning The Hon Nathan Guy, New Zealand House of Representatives

HUHA and NZAVS are calling on the Government to please ensure all animals in New Zealand laboratories are rehomed instead of killed when they are no longer being used.

Every year in New Zealand, thousands of laboratory animals are killed when they are deemed no longer useful. Animals are used every day in New Zealand laboratories where they are seen as no more than just another piece of equipment. When they are no longer useful they are usually disposed of with little more consideration than is given to a pair of rubber gloves. They deserve much better. A sentient being has the ability to feel pain and suffering and has an awareness of sensations and emotions.  To subject animals to pain and suffering is bad enough, but to deny them the chance of a life after the pain and suffering? We are asking that the government introduce a mandatory rehoming policy for animals used in research, testing and teaching — ensuring these animals are offered up for public adoption through registered rescue organisations instead of being euthanised. HUHA has already rescued and rehomed beagles being bred for research after the VARC laboratory closed. This though is just the tip of the iceberg of what could be done. The animals still in labs need hope and a chance to get out of the labs and into loving homes. The only way this will happen is if the labs are compelled to release them. They won’t do it on their own as they prefer to operate out of public sight, so that’s where you come in to it... Together we can change that and save lives.   More information can be found here  ....

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Petitioning Royal New Zealand SPCA



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Petitioning The New Zealand House of Representatives; Hon Nathan Guy

Prohibit the sale of puppies through pet stores and on-line traders

HUHA (Helping You Help Animals) Charitable Trust is calling to stop the unnecessary deaths and suffering of the 100’s of puppies being bred bought and sold for profit in NZ every year. These puppies are bred for commercial purposes and are not protected by law. HUHA’s investigations have uncovered underage and underprepared puppies being sold to pet shops and on sold to families. These puppies are often not robust or resilient enough to cope away from their mothers, and have been seen to die of conditions such as hypoglycaemia, failure to thrive and common K9 viruses. HUHA believes this is unethical and unnecessary, and want to: STOP THE SALE OF PUPPIES IN PET STORES AND THROUGH ON-LINE TRADERS Reputable breeders do not sell their puppies through pet stores. The majority of puppies sold through pet stores and some on-line trading sites come from commercially driven or back yard breeders who have little regard for the welfare for the puppies and their breeding parents. STOP TO THE SALE OF UNDERAGE PUPPIES Although there are guidelines and ‘best practice’ rules for the minimum age of puppies it is not illegal to sell puppies under the age of 8 or 10 weeks – in many instances these puppies are dying, and those that don’t often display physical and behavioural problems. Clear laws must be set relating to the minimum age of puppies for sale – we believe the minimum ages should be at least 8 weeks for medium to large breeds and 10 weeks for small and toy breeds. ESTABLISH AN ENFORCEABLE CODE OF CONDUCT AND LICENCING SYSTEM FOR ALL BREEDERS A clear code of welfare is required to control the breeding and selling of puppies. The only way to stop the puppy farms, back yard breeders and irresponsible breeders is to create a licencing system. Breeders need to be responsible and held accountable for the health and wellbeing of the puppies they sell. This would include being audited, providing a detailed log of all incoming and outgoing animals, births and deaths as well as health and welfare records and a manual on the procedures in place for each animals care, accommodation, enrichment etc. We are seeking to prohibit the sale of puppies other than through licenced breeders, or by adoption through registered animal welfare groups. WHAT ELSE CAN YOU DO TO HELP Sign the petition Stop buying from pet stores that sell puppies Only buy from reputable breeders and insist on viewing your new puppy with its mother Get involved – help HUHA with its campaign – contact your local MP’s and spread the word For more information go to our campaign website  

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