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Help our Odessa Friends keep their rink!

Our friends in Odessa, Texas need your help; this summer, the Ice went down at the Music City Mall Ice rink. Which is one of two rinks that kids in the Permian Basin get to play at. Some of our Houston teams have played against teams who play and practice at this facility. It’s a crucial rink for those in Odessa, as they only have two. The owners and management are trying to weigh options of putting the ice back into the mall or using the space for other retail options. Most everyone who has played, coached, or even grew up playing hockey in West Texas knows that the ice at MCM is a vital part of our youth hockey and our organization. Should Music City Mall officials decide not to continue operating the rink that has been in the community for well over a decade. Opportunities will become limited for hockey players and skaters alike. As the Permian Basin will shrink from two ice rinks to just one. This will force programs to cap the number of players and skaters they may have due to ice time limits. Thus, impacting local youth in the community by limiting the number of opportunities available to them.   How you can help: Sign this petition Email: checkin@musiccitymall.net and explain how MCM Ice rink has benefited your family Mail: John Bushman 700 N Grant Ave Suite 600 Odessa, Texas 79761   About Houston Youth Hockey Group, INC: Houston Youth Hockey Group is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with a straightforward mission to grow the game and not only raise awareness of the sport of youth hockey but to engage with the community in Houston as well. Though we are based in Houston, we are happy to lend a hand to our Texas Hockey community. We never like seeing opportunities minimized for players and skaters.  houstonyouthhockey.com | support@houstonyouthhockey.com

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