Association of Community United (ACU)

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The Association of Community United is a membership organization of low and moderate-income families working to build power through organizing communities to win changes on the issues that are important to them. The Association of Community United was formed in November 2016 by Angel Figueroa former member of CT ACORN and concerned citizens in Florida. Our goal is to advance the interests of low and moderate income families around Florida on the issues that are of critical importance to us: economic justice for low-income and working families, fair lending practices, improved workers rights and a higher minimum wage, fully funded schools, fair treatment of immigrants, clean air and a safe environment, an end to systemic racism and discrimination, and quality affordable health care. It is the mission of the Association of Community United to advocate for their member's by confronting decision-makers and empowering and educating our communities and allies across the nation. We seek to change policies that affect the lives of the low and moderate income families using our understanding of the legislative, regulatory, and political process; combining traditional and social media technology with advocacy for rapid response communications; building partnerships that enable us to mobilize across the nation; building leadership in local communities; promoting civic engagement and bring awareness to the American public by telling the stories of our community.

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