Highfields Defenders

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Highfields Defenders Community Action group is made up of Highfields residents advocating for a more sensitive development of Highfields. Sensitive development seeks to minimise the detrimental impacts of the expanding urbanisation of Highfields on the existing community and the environment. The Highfields Defenders is advocating for the Toowoomba Regional Council and developers to prioritise the preservation and enhancement of the Highfields character. Highfields character is embodied in the large gums, the quiet streets, the ability to enjoy the neighbourhoods by foot or bicycle in safety, and the opportunity to live side-by-side with a diversity of wildlife in our gardens and parks. This vision contrasts harshly with the current reality where cars are prioritised over people, developers clear their subdivisions of all existing vegetation, destroying valuable habitat and displacing wildlife. New residents are not even offered the opportunity to enjoy the lifestyle offered by the Highfields of old. The traffic generated by the newer developments is turning the once-quiet streets of Highfields into noisy and dangerous thoroughfares, eroding the quality of life of the residents in these neighbourhoods. It is time we, as concerned residents of Highfields, took a stand and insisted that our interests are put above those of the developers. It is time that the Toowoomba Regional Council took seriously what the Highfields community wants for Highfields. Join us in advocating for Highfields, a place for families to thrive in a beautiful environment.

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