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Healthcare-NOW! is a grassroots organization that addresses the health insurance crisis in the U.S. by educating and advocating for the passage of single-payer healthcare legislation, such as HR 676. We support building the movement necessary to implement a publicly-funded, single-payer healthcare system that is universal, equitable, transparent, accountable, comprehensive, and that removes financial and other barriers to the right to health.

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Petitioning Urban Institute

Retract Worst-Ever Single-Payer Study

The Urban Institute, generally a reputable source of policy analysis, has published what is definitively the worst-ever study of single payer healthcare, and it is unfortunately making national news. The study arrives at this election's most absurd conclusion: that Bernie Sanders's single-payer plan would increase total healthcare spending in the United States by almost 17% in its first year and over the next ten years. Prior to this election cycle, over 40 single-payer studies have been conducted by government agencies (Congressional Budget Office, Government Accountability Office), prestigious actuarial firms and think tanks (LECG, Mathematica, the Lewin Group, Economic Policy Institute), and economists. Every single study has found that single-payer healthcare reduces healthcare costs while offering universal coverage. There is nothing surprising about the findings of these previous analyses: every country with a single-payer healthcare system spends less than the United States on healthcare, often half or even a third as much per person. The reasons are well understood: universal healthcare reduces administrative waste, allows negotiation of lower prices for drugs and medical devices, and slows the growth of costs by budgeting healthcare spending. The Urban Institute's findings contradict all previous research and international experience with single-payer healthcare through sloppy research: they leave out the largest sources of savings under a single-payer system, such as lower administrative waste for hospitals and physicians; they estimate other savings, like the impact on cost growth and prescription drug costs, based on arbitrary guesses instead of existing evidence; and they project a massive rush on healthcare services that has not been observed in any country that has switched to single payer. Please join us in asking the Urban Institute to retract their study on "The Sanders Single-Payer Health Care Plan."

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Petitioning Hillary Clinton

Join 81% of Democrats and Support Single-Payer Healthcare Reform

In recent months Hillary Clinton has targeted Bernie Sanders's support for a single-payer healthcare system, indicating that single-payer represents a tax-hike for working and middle-class families that would undermine their income. Clinton has also argued that Sanders's plan would "send health insurance to the states, turning over your and my health insurance to governors." According to a Kaiser poll released within weeks of Clinton's comments, 81% of Democrats favor "Medicare for all," single-payer healthcare, along with 60% of Independents and almost a third of Republicans. And for good reason: virtually every country in the developed world provides better access to healthcare at half the cost using a single-payer system, or something very close to it. Fear mongering that single payer will cut into working families' incomes through tax hikes is disingenuous, because single payer replaces sky-rocketing insurance premiums, deductibles, and co-payments with lower payroll and income taxes. A single payer system creates savings by cutting out for-profit middlemen and eliminating administrative waste, creating exactly the relief for working and middle-class families that Clinton champions. Governors would not be allowed to undermine universal coverage under single-payer legislation introduced by Bernie Sanders in 2013. The bill gives states responsibility for issuing healthcare cards and paying providers, but requires that they cover all residents with comprehensive coverage, and puts them under federal receivership if they fail to do so. However, if Hillary Clinton is uncomfortable with state-level administration, 81% of Democrats would welcome her support for a national single-payer healthcare system! Clinton has been a tremendous leader in so many areas, including her successful efforts to pass the Children's Health Insurance Program in 1997. Join us in calling on Hillary Clinton to support a moral and sustainable vision for healthcare by supporting single-payer healthcare reform.

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