Hands Off Our Gorge

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Hands Off Our Gorge is a community group of locals who love Cataract Gorge as it is. We celebrate how special it is to have a natural gorge in the middle of a city, and we love the sense of community that happens easily when we are there. The Gorge is a place to walk, swim, enjoy, and bump into people. While it has been changed since European settlement, it remains a wild place, with naturally vegetated hills all around, occasional roaring floods, and wildlife reclaiming it at night. It remains a sacred place to Aboriginal people, and it shares that sacred feeling with everyone who comes here. We welcome all visitors who come to the Gorge on its terms. Stroll through the gardens, swim in the pool, jump into the Basin, admire (or even climb) the cliffs, then leave it as it is. Simple delights and natural beauty. Hands Off Our Gorge aims to protect this natural space in the heart of a city from development that degrades the social, cultural or environmental character of the Gorge. Hands Off Our Gorge is also known as Launceston Cataract Gorge Protection Association Inc.