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The Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War began life as the November 16th Coalition, which formed in Hamilton to organize opposition to the then impending attack on Iraq in 2003. Our goal was to unite all the elements in society who were against America's design to punish and conquer Iraq in order to further their imperial expansion into the oil rich Middle-East. Leaders and activists from the peace movement, the faith communities, the labour movement, the student movement, and ethnic communities came together to lobby Canada to stay out of the war if we couldn't prevent it from happening. The burning question in the world today is War or Peace. America seems to know no bounds in pursuit of its agenda. From Haiti to Afganistan to Pakistan we are hearing the drumbeat of illegal and immoral wars become louder and louder. At the same time we are witnessing the erosion of our democratic rights gain momentum with false arrests and imprisonments of Muslim people all over Europe and North America. The mission of the Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War is to press harder for peace challenging every political leader to stand with the people in pursuing peace over war. We are an affiliate organization with the Canadian Peace Alliance and we in Hamilton are working together with all Canadians and activists from around the world to stop illegal wars and occupations including the complicity of the Canadian government to help further the American Agenda. All are welcome to join us and help us in our struggle for justice and peace.

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Réinstallez Donald Lafleur dans toutes ses fonctions de vice-président du CTC

ATTENDU QUE: *Le confrère Lafleur s'est distingué par son leadership et sa dédication au mouvement syndical durant ses années de militantisme aux Syndicat des travailleurs et travailleuses des postes et au Congrès du travail du Canada où il est vice-président exécutif depuis 2014. *Le confrère Lafleur a reçu une invitation individuelle pour participer une conférence organisée par la Fédération générale des Syndicats (FGS), affiliée à la Fédération syndicale mondiale où les sujets de discussion étaient les effets des sanctions économiques et le respect de la souveraineté syrienne. *Le confrère Lafleur a décidé d'accepter l'invitation comme observateur parce qu'il est concerné par le sort fait aux travailleurs de tout pays et par l'impact que le conflit en Syrie a sur les travailleurs Canadiens et Québécois. Le confrère Lafleur est allé en Syrie comme observateur à la conférence parce que il voulait voir la situation de ses propres yeux. Il voulait "observer et apprendre." *Le confrère n'a ni pris part à la conférence, ni affirmé à la conférence qu'il représentait le CTC. Il était observateur. C'était une visite personnelle avec sa partenaire Cécile. C'était durant ses vacances et le CTC n'a pas déboursé un seul sous. Ensemble, Donald et Cécille, ont beaucoup appris sur le conflit, les conséquences des sanctions de l'Ouest et de la guerre pour "changer le régime" sur le pays. *A son retour, le confrère Lafleur a été victime et a du confronter une campagne néo-McCarthyste dans les médias. Il est important de noter que sa visite en Syrie, loin d'être illégale, était parfaitement légale. *En conséquence de cette chasse au sorcière des médias, le confrère Lafleur a été suspendu de ses fonctions de vice-président exécutif du CTC. Il est maintenant en congé administratif. A ce nous rajouterons les commentaires suivants: *Les gouvernements Harper et Trudeau ont dépensé des millions dollars de nos impôts pour appuyer la guerre saoudienne-américaine dont le but est le renversement du régime syrien actuel. De plus le Canada a accepté des milliers de réfugiés Syriens. *Des Canadiens et Québécois sont tombés victimes de la propagande Islamiste, les encourageant à se joindre à ISIS ou Nusra (Al Qaeda) dans leur guerre contre le gouvernement syrien. Et leur but est le renversement du gouvernement syrien. *La plupart des "rebelles" sont maintenant membres de la version syriennes de Al Qaeda. Selon la Fédération générale des syndicats (FGS) plus de 40,000 de ses membres ont été tués ou blessés durant le conflit. Ce chiffre inclus des travailleurs des postes qui, en 2012, ont été forcé de sauté vers leur mort du toit de l'édifice local des postes. Et les rebelles ont filmé ce massacre. EN CONSÉQUENCE NOUS AFFIRMONS ET DEMANDONS QUE: *C'est un scandale que le confrère Lafleur soit puni pour avoir voulu apprendre davantage sur un conflit qui a des conséquences sur les travailleurs Canadiens et surtout Syriens et avoir voulu exprimer sa solidarité avec les travailleurs Syriens. Et ce alors qu'il était en vacance et qu'il a assumé lui-même les frais de son séjours en Syrie. Il devrait être félicité pour son désirs d'en savoir davantage et son courage, et non être réprimandé et puni. En conséquence nous demandons que le confrère Lafleur soit immédiatement réinstaller dans toutes ses fonctions de vice-président exécutif du CTC.  

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Restore Donald Lafleur to his full duties as as CLC Executive Vice-President!

Whereas * Brother Donald Lafleur has had a long history of dedicated work and leadership in the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW ) and the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC). He has been Executive Vice-President of the CLC since 2014. * Brother Lafleur was PERSONALLY invited to an international conference organized by the Syrian General Federation of Trade Unions, an affiliate of the World Federation of Trade Unions. The conference was focussed on lifting Western economic sanctions on Syria and respecting Syria's sovereignty. * Because he is concerned for workers in all countries and because the Syrian conflict has directly impacted Canadian workers, Lafleur went to Syria to observe the conference and see the situation first hand. He went to "listen and learn." * Donald did not address the conference at large nor did he indicate he was representing the CLC. The visit was personal with zero expense to the CLC. He went with his partner, Cécile, using his vacation time. Together, they learned a lot about the conflict in Syria, the consequences of Western sanctions, and the "regime change" war. * On his return, Brother Lafleur has been subject to neo-McCarthyist attacks in various media as if it is illegal to visit Syria. It is not. * Following on the media witch-hunt, Donald was stripped of his duties as CLC Vice-President on September 19 and put on administrative leave. We note that: The Harper and Trudeau governments have spent tens of millions of Canadian tax dollars supporting the US/Saudi "regime change" war on Syria and have repatriated tens of thousands of Syrians to Canada. Scores of Canadians have been deceived or brainwashed into joining ISIS or Nusra (Al Qaeda) trying to topple the Damascus government. Most of the "rebels" are actually the Syrian version of Al Qaeda. According to the Syrian General Federation of Trade Unions, over 12,000 of its members have been killed or wounded during this conflict, including postal workers, who were videotaped, while being pushed to their deaths by “rebels”, off the top of their postal facility in 2012. It is scandalous that Brother Lafleur is being punished for using his own time and money to learn more about a conflict impacting Canadian workers and expressing his solidarity with Syrian workers. He should be praised for his curiosity and courage, not reprimanded. We call for the immediate restoration of Brother Lafleur to his full roster of duties as Executive Vice- President of the CLC.

Hamilton Coalition To Stop The War
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Withdraw from the US-led coalition for war in Iraq and Syria!

 1) The recent divisive vote to expand the combat mission to Syria and to extend for another year the overall mission to degrade and destroy ISIS in both Iraq and Syria – carried only by the Conservative government's slim majority in Parliament – was a bad decision. It will make things worse, not better, for the people of the Middle East and is the thin edge of the wedge to pull Canada deeper into another long quagmire of a war, just one year after the failed twelve-year mission to Afghanistan. Moreover, this instance of mission creep is being conducted without United Nations Security Council approval and is therefore illegal under international law. 2) According to NDP Foreign Affairs Critic, Paul Dewar, who was part of the 2014 Canadian diplomatic mission to Iraq, the Iraqi government asked that Canada send humanitarian, rather than military, assistance. The Iraqi government also did not request that Canada become involved in Syria. Rather, it appears that it was completely at the initiative of the Harper government that Canadian troops have joined the latest US-led “coalition of the willing” in Iraq. Former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, who, in 2003, wisely bowed to the wishes of hundreds of thousands of protesters in the streets – organized by the Canadian Peace Alliance and Collectif Échec à la Guerre – and refused to send Canadian troops to join Bush and Blair's previous “coalition of the willing”, has recently spoken out against the present combat mission and urged a massive humanitarian mission instead.3) Whether or not the Iraqi government has authorized air strikes by foreign powers on its territory, the US and its allies have no right under international law to bomb targets inside Syria, without the approval and cooperation of the legitimate government of Syria. The attack on Syria, then, is a war crime for which officials within the Harper government may have someday to face an international war crimes tribunal and also for which Candian taxpayers may have to pay reparations.4) The true purpose of the US campaign against ISIS is not to destroy terrorism. In fact, since at least 2011, the USA and other countries in the “Friends of Syria” Group (FSG), including Canada, financed, armed, and organized a deadly covert war of aggression using jihadi mercenaries against Syria. ISIS grew out of this explicitly terrorist operation against the people of Syria, which so far resulted in about 200,000 deaths, millions of refugees, and the laying waste of much of Syria. In other words, the USA, Canada, and their FSG partners created this terrorist ISIS Frankenstein. In our opinion, the ISIS crisis is being used by the USA and some countries neighbouring Syria as a pretext for bombing for regime change in Syria and perhaps, eventually, other countries such as Lebanon and Iran. The Turkish government's recent call for a “no fly zone” over Syria is a case in point and reminiscent of NATO's abuse of UN Resolution 1973 for the illegal overthrow of the government of Libya.5) The USA has “dirty hands.” Its 2003 attack on Iraq was also without UN approval and left that country in ruins, with at least half a million dead, millions of refugees, and effectively split into three parts. The USA should not be entrusted to play any role in Iraq. In fact, the result of the US and NATO-led “humanitarian” interventions in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Haiti, and Syria has uniformly been to make things much worse for civilians and to destroy the territorial integrity of those countries.6) If the Canadian government is sincerely interested in dealing with ISIS, it needs to cooperate with all the governments of the region, including Syria and Iran, as well as Russia and China, to develop a common strategy. That strategy would best be developed at the United Nations where recent resolutions 2170 and 2178 might serve as first steps in a global action against terrorism. To deal with ISIS, the Harper government of Canada could ask the Turkish, Israeli, and Jordanian governments to close their borders to ISIS terrorists and to remove any terrorist bases on their territories. It could demand that Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait stop funding jihadi mercenaries altogether. It could call for disbanding the “Friends of Syria” Group. 7) The sending of Canadian forces personnel and equipment the Middle East raises the likelihood of a major confrontation between Canada and Russia, because Russia has important national and traditional interests in the Middle East, where it has a major base on the Mediteranean Sea in Syria. Removing Canadian military personnel and equipment from this theatre of war would reduce the threat of any regional or global confrontation. 8) Canadians are rightly proud of the fact that our post-WW2 history, until recently, was marked by support for international institutions such as the United Nations, for the international rule of law, and for a preference for peace-keeping and diplomacy over war-making. 9) Therefore, we the undersigned, call on all members of parliament to use their individual and partisan influence to withdraw Canada from the US-led coalition for war in Iraq and Syria and also from the so-called “Friends of Syria” Group.  

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