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To bring hope, inspiration, and powerful tools that will empower men, women, and children to live a life beyond abuse. The Global Women’s Empowerment Network (GWEN) is a nonprofit organization that uses cutting-edge technology, multimedia programming, and product lines to raise awareness and funds that will support and heal men, women, and children who have suffered abuse of any kind. GWEN’s online global community: Provides a safe and judgment-free forum where victims of abuse can connect, communicate, and create. Through self-expression, people can heal and transform beyond the cycle of abuse prohibiting them from experiencing true empowerment. Utilizes technology to bridge cultures and people, enabling victims from all corners of the world to transcend abuse in a safe, healing, and empowering environment. Produces curriculum and product lines that inspire, educate, and empower those who are ready to heal and to help others heal. Collaborates and partners with other organizations to support their missions as well as provide resources and support to our community. GWEN transforms lives beyond abuse.

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