Greyhound Compassion

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Greyhound Compassion provides financial grants to Greyhound Rescue, an independent greyhound shelter in Lincolnshire in the UK and to Limerick Animal Welfare and Dungarvan Rescue in Ireland. We also contribute towards the rescue and rehabilitation of the galgos saved by the Scooby shelter in Medina del Campo, Spain. Greyhound Compassion relieves the suffering of greyhounds who are in the safety of these kennels and shelters. Greyhound Compassion provides funding for the maintenance of these shelters’ facilities for the reception and care of galgos and greyhounds who are unwanted by the greyhound racing industry in the UK and Ireland, and the coursing fraternity in Spain. We refer rehoming requests to Greyhound Rescue in Lincolnshire to place greyhounds in loving homes as appropriate.

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