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    Urgent Action Plan to tackle emissions from Diesel Generators

    The National Clean Air Program (NCAP) is a comprehensive approach to reduce Air Pollution in the country, with a specific short-term target of reducing particulate matter pollution by 25-30% to be achieved by 2024. While the government has already been working on improving the monitoring infrastructure, the NCAP has brought focus on prevention, control and abatement of pollution. For the same, the NCAP also recognizes major sources of particulate matter pollution in the country. Diesel Generators (DGs) are recognized among the major sources of PM2.5 pollution in India. It is also recognized as a major polluting source by the Honourable National Green Tribunal. As per NCAP released by the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, DG sets contribute up to 7-18% to ambient air pollution in non-attainment cities. Also, the NCAP recommends the following measures to reduce particulate matter emissions from DGs: Retro-fitted emission control equipment with diesel generators having a minimum specified particulate matter capturing efficiency of at least 70% certified by one of the 5 labs approved by Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) Gas based generators either by retrofitting existing generators for partial usage of gas (a mixture of diesel and gas) or buying new gas-based generators. The retrofit emission control devices/ gas retrofits must be verified by (CPCB approved institutions which also provide emissions approval for diesel generators at manufacturers’ stage During our interaction with pollution control boards of various states, it has come to our notice that there are was a lack of focus on reducing emissions from DG sets. As recommended by the National Clean Air Program, retrofit emission control devices or gas based generators can be adopted as solutions to reduce emissions from DG sets. We believe DGs are a major source of emissions and should definitely be addressed in the action plans for all cities and states in India. As per a Times of India article dated 5th May, 2017, N.R.Raje, ex Environmental Pollution Control Authority member and an ex-Director at Indian Oil Corporation Limited, mentions that 10,000 gen-sets pollute equal to 50,000 heavy duty trucks. If thousands like you sign today, the responsible committee will realise that we won’t rest until they enforce action on Air Pollution at all levels - Centre as well as State. Thank you for supporting us!

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    Petitioning Sh. Naresh Kumar, Ms. Rashmi Singh, Mr. Imran Hussain

    The Big Ban Failure in New Delhi - Call for Strong Reinforcement to Ban Plastic Bags

    Plastic is killing our planet. There are 500 times more pieces of micro-plastic in the sea than there are stars in our galaxy and by 2050 it is estimated there will be more plastic than fish. Plastic is toxic and it can disrupt hormones crucial for a healthy existence. Even when it is not dangerous itself – or not known to be – plastic acts like a magnet for a range of other poisons and pollutants we have spilled into the natural world. Plastic bags, measuring less than 50 microns, are banned in Delhi (national capital of India) and, yet, markets are overflowing with them, even choking on them. How will other cities follow if Delhi can't lead by example? Their use had taken a back seat following a government crackdown in August 2017, after the National Green Tribunal banned their use and imposed a penalty of Rs 5,000 on each offender. But the menace is far from over. With the government and civic agencies loosening their grip, these bags have resurfaced in markets. Even though the state government claims to have seized thousands of kilos of polythene bags, a visit to any market, local shop or street vendor will reveal that the picture is still as grim as it was 10 months ago before the crackdown began. We want the Delhi Government especially the Environment Minister and Municipal Corporations to enforce the ban strictly, issue warnings to violators followed by penalties and also, drive mass level awareness on the adverse impacts of plastic bags on our environment. National Green Tribunal had also directed the government to strictly implement its ban order in the city and sought a detailed status report on the issue. However, the adherence to the ban is really poor.

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    Petitioning Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Hardeep S. Puri

    Save 16500+ full grown Trees - South Delhi's Degradation in the name of Redevelopment

    The residents of South Delhi are set to pay the price for the redevelopment projects around seven neighbourhoods, which include Sarojini Nagar, Nauroji Nagar and Netaji Nagar. The forest department has given the permission to chop off at least 16,500 full grown trees to make way for redeveloping of Central government accommodations in the area. The environment impact assessment report for the projects around South Delhi shows that 11,000 out of 13,128 trees will be cut in Sarojini Nagar, 1,465 out of 1,513 will be cut in Nauroji Nagar, 3,033 out of the total 3,906 trees will be chopped off from Netaji Nagar and another 520 will be felled from Kasturba Nagar, which has a cover of as many trees. The figures for RK Puram are yet to be released. In smaller neighbourhoods such as Thyagaraja Nagar and Mohammadpur 108 and 447 trees will be cut for the project, according to the environmental impact assessment (EIA) clearance. Experts and residents have raised alarm against such mass felling of these residential pockets, which are known to be the green belt of the city. Green Dream Foundation believes that chopping of full grown trees will leave a void in the city, which cannot be replaced by planting saplings at distant locations. 'If I am living in a particular area and the trees there are cut, how will planting saplings in another part help? These saplings will take years to provide the benefit that full-grown trees were giving', a resident activist said. Additionally, Delhi's AQI (Air Quality Index) continues to be in hazardous range continuously throughout the year. No one should think of cutting even a single tree in such a situation. Sign this petition and help us raise the voice. We are sure government will rethink their decision if people and communities speak up. Today it's South Delhi, tomorrow it could be your area/city/locality. Additionally, it is recommended to tweet and tag the following handles/pages asking for their immediate attention to this petition. a) Ministry of Housing and Urban AffairsTwitter: @MoHUA_IndiaFacebook: b) NBCC (India) Ltd.Twitter: @OfficialNBCCFacebook: c) Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate ChangeTwitter: @moefccFacebook: Tell them that it is your right to have good air quality and there is no substitute for already grown trees. Please ensure that everyone in your friends and family writes to them too. If you have any media contacts, please bring this to their attention or connect us with them at

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