Global Relief Libya

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Global Relief Libya federation goals are:

To provide a Federating Organisation for our Member Associations.

To reunite Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) and Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) as well as professionals and individuals of goodwill, and this regardless of their geographical location.

To help all people deprived of their basic human rights, especially the Libyan People within the country and abroad.

To enable rapid mobilization of emergency relief and care, by coordinating medical, logistical and/or financial resources of Global Relief Libya Members in emergency situations as well as in long term solutions.

Global Relief Libya Members all have the common aim – to offer assistance, aid and care, to relieve people in distress and suffering, especially in areas of conflict, belligerence, disasters or violence.

Global Relief Libya shall act in partnership with all legal persons, local or regional institutions, governmental and non-profit organisations to ensure coordination of the relief efforts.

Global Relief Libya shall participate in any action whatsoever which the member Associations and the Board of Directors consider to be of strategic and humanitarian importance.

Global Relief Libya is an apolitical and secular federation.


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