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Turtles crushed, birds stepped on! Stop Animal Abusers From Coming to Georgia Mall!

Urban Retail, owner of the Mall at Stonecrest in Lithonia, Georgia has plans to allow SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium space at the mall. SeaQuest employees have reported seeing: birds stepped on and killed, turtles crushed by children, an octopus boiled alive when the tank's water temperature changed and, a dead otter at one of their facilities. The owners of SeaQuest have a long history of animal abuse. At their now-closed Portland Aquarium, more than 200 animals reportedly died over the course of three months—many allegedly from starvation, infections, and other seemingly preventable causes. Ammon Covino, involved in the opening of SeaQuest aquariums in Utah and Nevada, has served multiple stints in prison for violations related to an illegal wildlife trafficking conviction. The recently opened SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium in Littleton, Colorado, has been plagued with issues including a cease and desist order by state officials regarding its bird exhibit. Georgia Animal Rights and Protection has reached out to the owners of the Mall at Stonecrest but have not received a reply. Please help us stop this cruel business from coming to Georgia. SIGN AND SHARE this petition to urge the mall owners to reject SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium’s request for space at the mall!

Georgia Animal Rights and Protection
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End the Annual Cruel Barnesville Greased Pig Chase

Every September, the Barnesville-Lamar County Chamber of Commerce in Georgia hosts a greased pig chase. For hours, one by one, terrified piglets are brought into an arena and thrust towards mobs of screaming children who run after them grabbing and clawing to try to be the first one to "claim" the pig. After being roughly handled, the pigs are chased by children, teens, and young adults who pile on them with their full body weight. Pigs suffer emotionally and physically as they are body-slammed to the ground and their limbs, ears, and tails, are yanked, bent backward, and twisted by the frenzied crowd. GARP documented the event workers slamming the pigs down, slapping them, and spitting on them in front of the crowd. Pigs are sensitive, intelligent, affectionate animals who experience physical and emotional harm at this event. Pigs instinctively fear being chased by predators and experience sheer terror while being pursued by a manic group of screaming people trying to catch them. In addition to being traumatic and extremely frightening for the pigs, animal chasing events desensitize children and teach them that terrorizing and hurting animals is acceptable behavior. The Barnesville-Lamar County Chamber of Commerce claims the city is "forwardly innovative". Please sign the petition to let them know that violent events promoting animal cruelty are not innovative and they do not make Barnesville a desirable place to visit or do business. PLEASE ALSO CALL THE CHAMBER AND ASK THEM TO STOP THIS CRUEL EVENT: 770-358-5884! To see video of the Barnesville greased pig chase click this link:  

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