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Cancel the Cruel Sea Lion Show at the North Georgia State Fair!

The North Georgia State Fair plans to host Sea Lion Splash (SLS), a traveling sea lion show that has subjected sea lions to neglect, has reportedly abused the animals, and places members of the public at risk of attack and disease transmission. According to a statement from a former employee, owners regularly struck sea lions with poles and pipes during training sessions and, on one occasion, left six sea lions in a single tank for three days during transport—without feeding the animals or changing their water. SLS routinely violates the federal Animal Welfare Act. Citations have ranged from failing to provide sea lions with adequate veterinary care to endangering members of the public by exhibiting animals without sufficient barriers. In May 2016, SLS was cited for over a half-dozen violations, including failing to continue testing sea lions for a disease called leptospirosis that is highly transmissible to humans—even though two of the animals tested positive for possible infection—and for confining these marine mammals to undersized freshwater tanks. Three of the sea lions exhibited painful eye conditions, likely the result of poor water quality. SLS routinely puts the public at grave risk of serious harm by encouraging fair-goers to handle the sea lions, who have razor sharp teeth and carry transmissible diseases.  GARP has extensive photo documentation of SLS at the North Georgia State Fair and the Georgia State Fair allowing the public, including young children and babies, to have close physical hands-on contact with the sea lions.  Please sign this petition to urge the North Georgia State Fair to cancel the scheduled appearance of Sea Lion Splash immediately!

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Petitioning State Sen. Renee Unterman

Georgia State Senate: OPPOSE HB 423!

If passed, HB 423 will make it legal for hunters to trap LIVE raccoons and use them in cruel field trial competitions where they will be held in cages while dogs are trained to "tree-them". Terrified caged raccoons will be flung high into trees, hauled across a field, or body of water as frantic, barking dogs give chase. They will be forced to endure this ordeal repeatedly--sometimes for hours on end. In addition to being terrifying to the raccoons, these activities put the animals at risk of developing chronic stress-induced disorders, which could contribute to the spread of dangerous diseases following their release back into the environment. These events are cruel, dangerous, and harmful to local ecosystems. Field trials should remain illegal in Georgia. HB 423 must be stopped!

Georgia Animal Rights and Protection
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