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Injured elephant in UniverSoul Circus! Atlanta, Fulton County GA stop the coverup!

URGENT! An injured elephant named Bo is being forced to perform at UniverSoul Circus in Atlanta. Please click below and sign the petition demanding that Atlanta and Fulton County officials stop covering up animal abuse!An agreement between Atlanta and Fulton County REQUIRES that inspections by animal control officers be filmed. But, UniverSoul Circus is PREVENTING animal control officers from taking video evidence. During a recent inspection, officers discovered numerous animal-welfare issues including wounded camels, an injured zebra, elephants with bruised feet, and Bo with a wound on his ankle—but were prevented from taking video evidence. This is in violation of the law. And, Fulton County Contracts Administrator Oliver Delk is SIDING with the circus preventing animal control from taking video evidence. YOUR HELP IS NEEDED! We can't let officials and animal abusers work together to violate the law set to protect animals. The UniverSoul animals need your help to bring this injustice to light. Bo's wound was covered with makeup to intentionally hide the severity of the injury. See the undercover video: Please SIGN AND SHARE widely!

Georgia Animal Rights and Protection
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Georgia State Senate: OPPOSE HB 423!

If passed, HB 423 will make it legal for hunters to trap LIVE raccoons and use them in cruel field trial competitions where they will be held in cages while dogs are trained to "tree-them". Terrified caged raccoons will be flung high into trees, hauled across a field, or body of water as frantic, barking dogs give chase. They will be forced to endure this ordeal repeatedly--sometimes for hours on end. In addition to being terrifying to the raccoons, these activities put the animals at risk of developing chronic stress-induced disorders, which could contribute to the spread of dangerous diseases following their release back into the environment. These events are cruel, dangerous, and harmful to local ecosystems. Field trials should remain illegal in Georgia. HB 423 must be stopped!

Georgia Animal Rights and Protection
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