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Generation Identity United Kingdom and Ireland are the newest branches of the pan-European Identitarian movement or Generation Identity. This page will provide news and updates on our activities with a focus on the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. We are a non-violent youth movement that aims to highlight the need for open and honest public debate about immigration policies, identity and the future of our islands and of Europe. We aim to preserve the ethnocultural identity of Europe through peaceful activism, political education and community and cultural activities. - Stop the Islamisation of Europe - Against globalization - Stop and reverse the Great Replacement Please note we are not affiliated with any other Facebook or Twitter pages using similar names in the United Kingdom or The Republic of Ireland. We are a non-party political movement. Follow, share and send us a message to get involved. Posting guidelines: Generation Identity does not provide a platform for any kind of national-socialist or fascist groups or views. We will delete bigoted comments about religious or ethnic groups. We stay out of conflicts outside of Europe. Courteous, concise comments relevant to the topic of the post are welcome, whether or not they agree with the views expressed. Comments containing profanity, abusive language and the like will be deleted.

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Petitioning Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP

Stop ISIS fanatic Shamima Begum from returning to Britain

On 14 February, The Times newspaper reported that the ISIS supporter, Shamima Begum, aged 19, wants to return to the UK. This woman joined ISIS in 2015, along with two friends from Bethnal Green. They travelled to ISIS-occupied territory in Syria, where they helped the Islamists in their war to impose a Caliphate. Shamima Begum declares that she still supports ISIS, which is guilty of appalling crimes, beheadings, mass rapes, slavery, and the attempted genocide of minority groups in Syria. Shamima Begum says that she ‘wasn’t fazed’ when she saw, for the first time, a decapitated head of a prisoner of ISIS. She says she does ‘not regret’ anything she did with and for ISIS. But now, with ISIS in retreat in Syria, she wants to return to Britain. Already, voices are being raised to support the return of this unrepentant Islamist, an enemy of the UK, the West, and humanity. We must stop the return of this woman to the UK. Already it is feared that over 400 ISIS fighters and supporters have returned to live among us. Shamima Begum is yet another, but she is a high-profile case being used by the supporters of Islamism to frame people like her as victims, rather than the dangerous fanatics they are. We call upon the UK government to give the people of this country an absolute assurance that Shamima Begum will not be allowed to return to the UK, and that her citizenship be revoked. She has shown by her actions and words that she hates Britain and that she supports barbarism. She must not be allowed into the country to heighten further the Islamist threat against British people. Sign this petition now, before the government caves in to the appeasers and supporters of ISIS.

Generation Identity United Kingdom and Ireland
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Petitioning Theresa May MP, Boris Johnson MP

Stop The United Nations Migration Pact

The UN Migration Pact would see Europe open her borders to the world, intensifying the migrant crisis. This would inevitably result in increased migration to the UK. The reality of this pact is that it will legitimize and encourage mass illegal economic immigration which would add to the worlds existing 244 million migrants and is tantamount to an 'open borders pact'. In addition, the Pact goes even further to encourage nations to open their welfare systems as part of what is signed up to. This would see tax revenue diverted away from health etc., where it is badly needed, to pay welfare for more migrants. The UN Migration Pact was also lobbied for by the big banks and 'big money' corporations to create an endless flow of human resources to serve their plans of globalist expansionism at the expense of the nation-state and national sovereignty. The Pact is also anti-democratic in nature as each countries' representative assumes the power to make civilizational level decisions without any democratic mandate or any consultation to the people of those nations who will bear the loss of sovereignty and identity through increased levels of migration. The Pact has a totalitarian approach with regards to any opposition to it by encouraging nation to create laws against the basic right of freedom of speech. The following quotes from the Pact reveal this clearly: - "We commit to eliminate all forms of discrimination and counter expressions". "Implement or maintain legislation that penalizes hate crimes". "Promote independent, objective and quality reporting of media outlets, including internet-based information" Whilst the Pact isn't legally binding, once a nation signs up to it, it will ofcourse begin implementing its rules. We therefore call on the Theresa May to join Australia and the USA in rejecting the United Nations Migration Pact.

Generation Identity United Kingdom and Ireland
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Petitioning Parliament of the United Kingdom and Houses of the Oireachtas

Ban the Burqa

France, Belgium, Austria and most recently Denmark have banned the Burqa, with some going further and banning the Niqab as well. Despite the cries of racism and authoritarianism from left-wing activists and Muslim communities, all of these countries are still free and open democracies. If these countries can build up the courage to do the right thing and ban the Burqa, then why can’t we? There is plenty of public and political support for such a move. In 2016, YouGov found that a majority in each party believed that the Burqa should be banned, and in 2017, they found that a majority of the public (48% in favour/42% against) thought it should be banned.Theresa May has used the 100-year anniversary of the Suffragette Movement to say that she will continue the legacy of female empowerment created by women such as Emmeline Pankhurst and Millicent Fawcett. We, therefore, ask that she live up to this mission she has set out on and prove that she cares about the liberation of women. Ban these hideous coverings, not only because they are an affront to the progressive values that you hold so dearly, but because they represent the growing societal divisions in our country created by multiculturalism. If we can’t demand that such archaic practices are abandoned upon entering our country, then as these communities grow they will continue to take more liberties for granted. Eventually, you would be able to mistake some places In the UK for areas of Saudi Arabia or Iran. The people support it, the parties support it, therefore the task is simple, The Parliament of the United Kingdom and Houses of the Oireachtas, Ireland's national parliament must #BantheBurqa.

Generation Identity United Kingdom and Ireland
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