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Fur Free Los Angeles is an organization of compassionate fashionistas seeking to ban the sale of fur in ALL of Los Angeles. We have successfully organized campaigns which lead to Brandy Melville, LF Stores, Planet Blue, True Religion, and Urban Outfitters all going fur free. Our ultimate goal at Fur Free LA is to ban the sale of fur everywhere. However, we're most sucsessful when we think globally, but act locally. Our campaigns target boutiques and shops with locations in Los Angeles that set trends and have a high profile clientele. By targeting stores with an influence in fashion, our fur free movement has the most impact. Our campaigns focus on positive reinforcement. We do not wish for any stores to go out of business. Quite the contrary. We fully support stores that have gone fur free, and encourage shoppers to support stores that have chosen to put compassion in fashion. No campaign is complete until we have a written confirmation that our target store has gone completely fur free. Currently, we have campaigns with INTERMIX and Kitson

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Petitioning Karmaloop

Karmaloop: Please Stop Selling Fur

Victory! We want to applaud Karmaloop on their compassion and customer service. We're looking forward to shopping with them once again.    Greg, Karmaloop's Founder and CEO reached out to us. Here's what he said:   "Thanks for everyone bring this to my attention Karmaloop already had a no Fur policy...we totally dropped the ball and I am really sorry....we have lots of new buyers come in and we didn't communicate it...we will make sure people remember by posting a big NO FUR sign in the buyers part of our office.....  The stuff should already be down..please let me know if you ever see fur again my email is Gregs@karmaloop.com Karmaloop.com"   We want to thank everyone who reached out to them and supported the fur free cause!   ~Fur Free LA       Karmaloop is a popular multi-platform retailer primarily known for men's and women's fashion.   The only good news is that the isn’t very much fur. Out of the many thousands of items in their inventory, we found two pairs of Jeffery Campbell women’s shoes (The “Hawk” Lita Boots and the The Lute Shoe in Black Quilt and Brown Fur) and two Angora Fur Beanies by Kangol. We’re asking that Karmaloop pull the hats and the “boots with the fur” from their website and pledge never to sell real fur again."Real Fur" means an animal skin or part thereof with hair or fur fibers attached thereto, either in its raw or processed state or the pelt of any animal killed solely for its fur. "Animal" includes, but is not limited to, mink, coyote, sable, fox, muskrat, rabbit, and raccoon dog.   Banning the sale of fur at Karmaloop would save the lives of countless animals. Every year millions of animals, including rabbits, raccoons, and foxes, are painfully trapped in steel-jaw leg hold traps each year. Those who don’t freeze or starve are usually beaten to death or suffocated when the trapper arrives hours or days later. Animals held captive on fur farms spend their short lives crowded in wire cages where they suffer from inadequate water, disease, parasites, and stress. The animals are killed by anal electrocution, poisoning, or suffocation. Those who don’t die immediately are skinned alive. There are many alternatives to fur including faux fur, but we ask that Karmaloop be aware that some faux fur items are often mislabeled. Over two million cats and dogs are killed in China for their fur.   Each year, more and more consumers are becoming aware of the horrors against animals done by the fur industry. We hope that when reviewing the true brutality of the fur industry, Karmaloop will decide to eliminate the sale of real fur from their store and join the ranks of other major fashion outlets like ASOS, Dolls Kill, and Free People that have gone fur free. While we do love the fashion sold at Karmaloop, we cannot support a retailer that supports this unnecessary torture inflicted upon millions of animals.   We are calling for a boycott of all Karmaloop products until they agree to go fur free and sprinkle some compassion in their fashion. When Karmaloop agrees to go fur free, we will happily shop there again.   After signing our petition, we highly encourage you to reach out to Karmaloop via social media and express your disappointment over their sale of fur. Contact them on Twitter or Instagram at @Karmaloop. Or write to them at facebook.com/Karmaloop. *Remember to please be polite*    Thank you,   ~Fur Free LA

Fur Free LA
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Petitioning True Religion

True Religion: Please Go Fur Free... Again

True Religion was on The Humane Society's list of fur free retailers, but they've gone back on their promise and have begun selling fur. Not only have they lied to consumers, but they're getting their fur from China, a country with virtually no animal protection laws, and some of the worst animal cruelty we've ever seen. Animals killed for their fur in China are cramped into tiny, filthy cages before they are beaten, anally electrocuted, and in many cases, skinned alive... The fur vest True Religion has for sale is labeled as "Raccoon Fur". However, raccoon's are not native to China, but Raccoon dogs are. Raccoon Dogs are a fox-like nocturnal residents of Asian and northern European forests that bear a remarkable resemblance to raccoons. Despite they're resemblance to Raccoons, they are part of the canine family. Please urge True Religion to go back to their promise of being fur free retailer, and continue to support compassion in fashion.

Fur Free LA
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Petitioning Dolls Kill

Dolls Kill: Please Stop Selling Foxtails

One of the more disturbing fashion trends this season are foxtails. These fur tails can be clipped to your handbag, purse, or jeans. That’s right, animals lost their lives for a keychain. One of the largest retailers of foxtails is Dolls Kill. Please voice your concerns to Dolls Kill. Let them know you will NOT be shopping with them until they stop selling these foxtail keychains. 

Fur Free LA
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Petitioning INTERMIX

Intermix: Please Go Fur Free!

Intermix has every type of slaughtered and skinned animal for sale: Fox fur, rabbit fur, raccoon fur, and even coyote fur. Not only is fur disgustingly cruel, but it is totally unnecessary when there are so many fabulous faux fur options available. As long as shops like Intermix continue to sell fur, the fur industry will thrive, and the senseless killing of fur bearing animal will continue. When the public speaks, the industry listens. If we put pressure on Intermix and express our feelings about their sale of fur, we can make a change. Any shopping at Intermix is supporting this bloody industry, so I encourage everyone to cease shopping at Intermix until they go fur free. Please help the animals by signing our petition and together we can put compassion back in fashion.

Fur Free LA
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